Microsoft Word will be able to predict what you’re going to write, before you type

Tram Ho

Microsoft is developing a new feature for its word processing software, to help users type faster and easier.

According to Microsoft’s revealed development roadmap, Word software will soon add predictive features, designed to predict what users plan to write next and help them save time and effort for complete a piece of text.

Microsoft Word sẽ có thể tiên đoán trước bạn định viết gì, trước cả khi bạn gõ bàn phím - Ảnh 1.

When the official update comes out, Word will start generating real-time text predictions. When you start entering text, Word will offer greyed out suggestions that the user can accept with the Tab key or decline with the Esc key.

According to Microsoft, Word’s predictive features will suit every user, from writing style to language preference, and will also help minimize spelling and grammatical errors.

This particular feature is still in development, but will be available at the end of March. Microsoft has not yet revealed whether to update this feature for macOS or web versions of Word.

Microsoft also plans to release the Office 2021 software package later this year, for customers who prefer a one-time purchase instead of a monthly subscription service like Microsoft 365. Office 2021 will have many upgrades compared to 2019, But for now, Microsoft has not revealed what these changes are.

Reference: techradar

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