Microsoft takes advantage of the Start Menu on Windows 10 to advertise Microsoft Edge and doesn’t forget about “Firefox” too

Tram Ho

Microsoft has always had interesting ways to invite users, and recently the image of Microsoft “cool” Firefox and welcome users to switch to Microsoft Edge has been widely shared by the online community.

Microsoft has recently officially launched the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 and other platforms like the Mac. And so, Microsoft is trying to convince people to soon switch from other browsers to Microsoft Edge. And Microsoft, of course, has a lot of tricks to get attention.

Microsoft tận dụng Start Menu trên Windows 10 để quảng cáo Microsoft Edge và không quên “cà khịa” cả Firefox - Ảnh 1.

Among many of those methods, Microsoft chooses to advertise a new browser in a location that Windows 10 users are most likely to use.

A few days ago, many users were surprised to discover that Microsoft started displaying ads of the new Microsoft Edge browser with the Chromium on the Windows 10 Start Menu. new application. Of course, this suggestion feature is enabled by default on Windows 10 and users can optionally disable this feature if they want in Settings.

In a screenshot posted by a Reddit account, Microsoft cleverly “snatched” Firefox to direct users to its new browser. Specifically, the Microsoft ad reads: “Are you still using Firefox? Microsoft Edge is here already. “

Unexpected response from the user community

Previously, “khà ©” ads appeared in the Start Menu of Windows 10 often criticized by the online community. However, this time the user reaction seems very different, even in a positive direction.

Microsoft tận dụng Start Menu trên Windows 10 để quảng cáo Microsoft Edge và không quên “cà khịa” cả Firefox - Ảnh 2.

Many netizens commented on Reddit to commend how Microsoft is promoting Microsoft Edge. They explained that the new Microsoft Edge browser is indeed very fast and good as Firefox and Chrome.

An excited Reddit account shared: “The new Edge browser is pretty good. It’s like Chrome but brings the breath of Microsoft into it. I tried going back to Firefox but I need Chrome for work and now I’m getting used to the new version of Edge. ”

Of course, there are many people who make recommendations to turn off the suggestion feature if they do not like such annoying ads from Microsoft.

To turn off suggestion suggestions in the Start Menu on Windows 10, go to Settings (Personalization)> Personalization> Start> Show suggestions occasionally in Start. Menu).

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Source : Techtalk