Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 update with brand new Start Menu interface

Tram Ho

After 5 years of launch, Microsoft finally released a new version for the Windows 10 operating system with many major changes in the interface. The October update, codenamed 20H2, brings a series of UI changes, including the Start Menu bar, the Atl + Tab interface in the Edge browser, and the Xbox Game Pass app on PC.

Microsoft tung bản cập nhật Windows 10 với giao diện Start Menu hoàn toàn mới - Ảnh 1.

The most notable in this update is about the new interface of the Start Menu bar. Microsoft removed the inconsistent color rendering that existed from Windows 8.1 until the last 2004 update. The new 20H2 will turn the live tiles of application (live tiles) become more uniform with the system. The application tile icons also have transparency so that they can be combined with the background image to make the visual effect more eye-catching.

Microsoft tung bản cập nhật Windows 10 với giao diện Start Menu hoàn toàn mới - Ảnh 2.

New Start Menu Bar

Taskbar will now also support the touch screen better and can automatically identify the user is using or not in tablet mode. Upcoming app notifications have also been redesigned so that users can easily identify which apps are coming from.

A few other small changes can be mentioned as the ability to change the screen scan frequency right in the item displayed in the Settings app, Microsoft Edge also has a new feature such as Collections (allows sharing and saving contents content that users search online) or find the lowest price on Black Friday or Christmas shopping.

Introducing the Windows 10 October 2020 Update

The new update has been released through the Windows Update process in the device’s Settings. It’s important to note that your PC must be running Windows 10 version 1903 or later to receive the update. Microsoft says the update will be released regionally and not at the same time, so if you’ve checked for the update and haven’t seen the latest 20H2, wait and try again later.

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