Microsoft revealed the new interface of Start Menu on Windows 10

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Microsoft is looking to redesign the Start Menu on Windows 10, to ease the discomfort of Live Tiles. The new design was revealed by Microsoft today, describing it as “the visual difference of the Start Menu, from chaotic colors to something more unified”. Understandably, Microsoft is trying to simplify the colors of Live Tiles, so that users will no longer have eye strain.

Microsoft has introduced the Live Tiles feature on the Start Menu since the launch of Windows 10 five years ago. Live Tiles consists of small tiles, containing applications, quick access icons, email or even news. It basically has the same interface as Windows Phone.

Microsoft tiết lộ giao diện mới của Start Menu trên Windows 10 - Ảnh 1.

Microsoft has removed Live Tiles from Windows 10X, for dual-screen or foldable devices. However, the software giant insists that Live Tiles will not go anywhere on the traditional Windows operating system of the computer.

But in fact, not all Windows 10 applications support Live Tiles, and developers are not interested in integrating this feature. Users also do not use it often, and also view Live Tiles as an eye-catching interface inside the Start Menu.

Old colorful interface (left) New simpler interface (right).

Microsoft’s new change is aimed at helping Live Tiles become less eye-catching. The tiles no longer have a garish background color, but instead a transparent background color. Some icons of the application have also been changed. The application icons in the main menu column no longer have the background color.

In general, the new Start Menu’s interface will be less colorful. Thanks to that makes sense more comfortable. Microsoft will also change a lot of new icon icons in Windows 10, promising to have a makeover screen in the near future.

Reference: theverge

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