Microsoft promises to make Windows 11 faster in 2022

Tram Ho

Windows 11 is being criticized by some users for being slow. On Microsoft’s Feedback Hub, users have complained about performance issues when using WinUI or XAML related parts in Windows 11.

For example, Windows File Explorer randomly crashes on the Dev version of Windows 11 and some users have problems displaying extremely slow menus when right-clicking. One user said: “This is most noticeable when using the OneDrive sync folder and is very laggy. Using the F11 key to go full screen makes for a better experience, but this is only a temporary solution for an important core component in Windows.”

Microsoft hứa sẽ làm Windows 11 nhanh hơn trong năm 2022 - Ảnh 1.

Responding to these issues on the Reddit AMA, Microsoft said: “ Performance will be an area of ​​our focus in 2022,” which includes improving interface speed. Microsoft will also roll out updates to the Dev channel to address existing bugs.

Microsoft definitely needs to improve WinUI as it plays an important role in the development of Windows and File Explorer lags or other bugs can affect the overall quality of the operating system.

Reference: Techradar

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