Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and Teams services had mass downtime issues

Tram Ho

According to Microsoft’s status page, some popular services like Outlook, Office 365, and Teams are currently experiencing mass outages. “Users may not be able to access many Microsoft 365 services,” says a Microsoft statement.

Microsoft acknowledged that the problem occurred on the Microsoft 365 Status Twitter page, and said it is reverting some of the new changes, which are believed to be the cause of this mass issue. However, just 13 minutes later, Microsoft announced that the number of successful connections had not increased, after reverting a recent change.

Các dịch vụ Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 và Teams gặp sự cố ngừng hoạt động hàng loạt - Ảnh 1.

As such the problem is still not resolved. The software giant says it is rerouting traffic to alternative infrastructure, giving users temporary access to these services while Microsoft continues to troubleshoot.

According to the Azure status page, the Azure Active Directory cloud service is currently experiencing the same problem.

“We are still actively working to correct interruptions when accessing some services,” a Microsoft spokesperson said . The problem affects only a small group of users ”.

Reference: Theverge

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