Microsoft officially launched the first beta version of Windows 11

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Microsoft has officially released the first beta test version of Windows 11, available to subscribers of the Windows Insider Program. Until today, accessing and using Windows 11 was purely a developer version (Dev preview), which according to Microsoft is for “users with technical experience” and much more . raw part” . Microsoft also says that the beta version is more stable, with builds that have been validated by Microsoft itself. However, if you want to experience it, you should still install it on a test machine or on another hard drive partition, instead of using it as the sole main operating system.

Of course, to install the beta version, you will need a computer that is compatible with it. It is difficult to determine if your computer can run the next version of Windows, but Microsoft’s support document about preparing for Insider builds still takes users to the minimum system requirements page. The software giant has announced it will be “particularly interested” in the 7th generation Intel and first generation AMD Zen CPUs in beta, so it’s still possible that PCs using these CPUs can is running beta but not sure will be running the official version.

Microsoft chính thức tung ra bản beta đầu tiên của Windows 11 - Ảnh 1.

The release of the beta version is also good news for those who quickly installed the Dev preview version to experience Windows 11 as soon as possible, but do not want that experience to be full of bugs. If this is the case, you can switch from the Beta Channel by going to Settings, selecting Windows Update, then Windows Insider Program, then selecting the Beta Channel in the Choose your Insider Settings section.

Normally, you’ll need to completely reinstall the operating system to move from Dev to Beta, but according to the Windows Insider program’s Twitter account, users can follow the steps above in “a period of time.” short time” . Perhaps the best thing to do here is to switch to Beta as soon as possible, if you don’t really need to test on Dev. Switching to Beta only “consumes” one reboot, which will likely give you a smoother experience.

For Windows 10 users and now ready to test Windows 11, you can sign up for Microsoft’s Windows Insider program by following the link at the end of the article. Of course, although Microsoft considers Beta versions to be more stable than Dev versions, they are still experimental versions. There are bound to be bugs, “blue screens”, freezes, or missing features – Microsoft itself has a public list of existing issues, such as the Teams Chat feature working with Dev version, but not yet usable on Beta.

Overall, if you are intrigued by the new look of Windows 11 and want to experience it but haven’t… dared, now is a good time to experiment. Because releasing the beta to all users who sign up for Microsoft’s program means that they feel this version is ready.

You can sign up for the Windows Insider Program here.

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