Microsoft Office 3 in 1 application is available for iOS and Android

Tram Ho

Microsoft’s new Office 3-in-1 app has officially arrived on iOS (new for iPhone, doesn’t have a good interface for iPad). In this Office app including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, you do not need to install each application individually as before. The function to scan documents into Word files, scan tables into Excel files or create presentation files, from a series of photos, or use your fingers / pen to sign on PDF files is also available on this app.

Experience a fast new set of Office on Android

This is the main interface of the new Office, following the flat design of Microsoft. All the files you have opened with Office will appear on the home page, plus button below to create new documents, new notes. The picture on the right is what you can do with this free application, including creating Word, Excel, PowerPoint, editing PDF, taking notes.

Instead of having to download 3 separate apps, you can now use Office for all three office jobs. Word and Excel also allow you to scan paper documents and spreadsheets to create editable files on your computer. If you have an Office 365 account, data on OneDrive is easily accessible from the app. On the right is the Word interface when editing, it is similar to the previous Word application for Android.

In the Actions section, you have many tools, including file transfer between computers, scans to create documents or spreadsheets. PDF signing is a tool that allows you to create a signature by drawing on the screen to add a PDF file, the job you previously had to print and sign.

Interface when scanning images into text, the machine will automatically accept A4 paper and focus on it. After a few seconds, all text will be converted to text for editing.

Office can also scan QR codes to read information on it and share with friends.

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Source : Techtalk