Microsoft launches Windows 365, a cloud operating system that can run on any device

Tram Ho

We’ve heard Microsoft claim that the future of technology is cloud computing. The software giant has also brought a lot of its services to the cloud, such as the Office 365 office package or the Xbox Cloud Gaming cloud gaming service. But there is one thing that we have always looked forward to, and that is the Windows cloud operating system.

However, today, Microsoft has officially launched a cloud Windows operating system, called Windows 365. This operating system will officially land on August 2.

Microsoft ra mắt Windows 365, hệ điều hành đám mây có thể chạy trên bất kỳ thiết bị nào - Ảnh 1.

Basically, Windows 365 is a complete Windows operating system, but can run on any device’s web browser. You can run Windows 365 on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Even a very old device with outdated hardware, but as long as a stable internet connection is still able to run Windows 365.

Because this cloud operating system will not run directly on the device, instead it works under the same cloud computing mechanism as the Google Stadia or Xbox Cloud Gaming gaming services. It’s just that instead of connecting to the server to play games, you’re connecting to the server to use a virtual Windows operating system.

Unfortunately, Windows 365 at launch will not support individual users. Microsoft will only offer to businesses and companies. They will pay a monthly fee, depending on the number of employees using this cloud operating system.

Hopefully after the launch for a while, Microsoft will make the Windows 365 operating system available to both individual users. Then, all devices can turn into a personal computer, helping you work and study anywhere, anytime.

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