Microsoft is the “most favorite brand” of hackers, Windows 11 can become the next “gold mine”

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Windows 11 is getting a lot of attention when it is in beta and is expected to be released for PC later this year. Of course, an operating system that gets a lot of user attention will also get the attention of cybercriminals. After all, Microsoft is the “favorite brand” of hackers.

According to a new study by Check Point Research, in the second quarter of 2021, Microsoft was the brand with the most users who were victims of online impersonation scams. Nearly half (45%) of all branding scams are Microsoft impersonations.

Microsoft là thương hiệu yêu thích nhất của hacker, Windows 11 có thể trở thành mỏ vàng tiếp theo - Ảnh 1.

Investigators shared several examples of phishing schemes they discovered, including this copy of this fake Microsoft login page.

Microsoft là thương hiệu yêu thích nhất của hacker, Windows 11 có thể trở thành mỏ vàng tiếp theo - Ảnh 2.

“One of the goals of phishing attacks is to trick victims with something they’re familiar with. Microsoft is clearly a very well-known brand, so phishing attacks look like as normal messages will increase the success rate of cybercriminals,” said Yali Magiel, data analyst at Check Point Research.

As for whether Windows 11 could make Microsoft a more “attractive” brand for hackers, Magiel said, “Yes, it can. When there’s a tendency to expect around a popular product. , such as a new version of Windows, will increase people’s curiosity to get new information.”

Investigators have also seen a global increase in ransomware attacks, which are often spread through phishing emails with malicious attachments. This is a fake Microsoft phishing email that caught the attention of the Check Point Research team.

Microsoft là thương hiệu yêu thích nhất của hacker, Windows 11 có thể trở thành mỏ vàng tiếp theo - Ảnh 3.

“The email was sent from a fake Microsoft email address (no-reply@microsoft.Com) and has the subject “Your subscription has expired.” Here, the attacker is trying to lure the victim to click a link malicious link, redirecting users to a fake Microsoft login page, where users need to enter their Microsoft account details , Check Point Research reported.

It’s clear that these websites and emails are phishing copies, but as investigators have pointed out, many people don’t realize the misplaced punctuation, misspelled domain names, and punctuation marks in the email. other suspicious signals, causing them to fall into a scam.

Fortunately, thanks to a Check Point Research investigation, we now have some insight into which companies have the most impostors and, as a result, we’ll be more observant.

“As always, we encourage users to exercise caution when disclosing their data and to think twice before opening email attachments or links, especially emails that claim to be from companies like Amazon. , Microsoft or DHL as they are most likely to be imitated,” said Omer Dembinsky, Director of the Data Research Group at Check Point Software.

Reference: Laptopmag

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