Microsoft is about to eliminate one of the most useful features of Windows

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It seems that Microsoft is about to move forward with a plan to remove the useful “System” part of the Control Panel, and instead force users to use the “Settings” application that first appeared with Windows 8.

This is likely to be quite annoying, because the “System” section in Control Panel is a very popular thing, because it gives you a panoramic view of your PC (for example, processor. and how much RAM you have), along with links to the PC manufacturer’s customer service website, and more.

However, on the recent version of Windows 10 Build 20161 (a test version of the Windows 10 update coming soon), the “System” section in Control Panel will take you to the Settings app.

Microsoft sắp loại bỏ một trong những tính năng hữu dụng nhất của Windows - Ảnh 1.

System on Windows 10

Wave of hatred for Windows

Whenever Microsoft removes a feature from Windows 10 (especially a useful feature), it often faces heavy criticism from users. In this case, forcing people to use the Settings app can actually make the situation worse.

The Settings app was first introduced with Windows 8, and like almost everything that came with this infamous Windows version, it was mocked for being so simple and its features far behind traditional Windows tools.

At least there’s good news: over the years, the Settings app has been getting better and better, and on Windows 10, it has become much more useful.

It seems that removing the “System” part is part of Microsoft’s plan to completely eliminate Control Panel, and replace it with the Settings application.

While we all agree that components in Windows 10 should be tweaked to make it more logical – there’s no reason to keep two apps with the same functionality – but Microsoft needs to make sure the Settings app is sufficient. complete before the Control Panel disappears completely.

This new move shows that Microsoft is slowly transferring missing features from Control Panel to the Settings application. Hope the company does the right thing – if not, they will suffer a lot of rage from Windows 10 users.

Reference: TechRadar

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