Microsoft invites the guy named Mac Book to record video ads for MacBooks

Tram Ho

Apple and Microsoft although not two direct competitors, but still have the fighting and comparison. Because one party owns a Mac operating system and one owns a Windows operating system. And Microsoft’s latest advertising campaign is indeed very interesting, an idea that we’ve never seen before.

Microsoft found a guy named Mackenzie Book (nicknamed Mac Book), to donate a Surface Laptop 2 and make a promotional video demonstrating that the Surface Laptop is better than the MacBook.

Microsoft mời anh chàng có tên Mac Book về quay video quảng cáo dìm hàng MacBook - Ảnh 1.

The big title is written: “Mac Book says get a Surface Laptop”. Amazing and impressive for all consumers. Meanwhile Apple doesn’t do anything Microsoft, because this guy’s name is simply Mac Book.

Mac Book compares MacBook Air and Surface Laptop 2.

Also in this promotional video, Microsoft once again submerged Apple products. With the Mac Book acknowledging that the MacBook Air is slower, it lacks a touch screen and short battery life.

Reference: Theverge

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ