Microsoft Edge ‘Phoenix’ may cause many users to abandon Google Chrome: What’s the reason?

Tram Ho

Truelist statistics show that there are currently about 2.65 billion people around the world using Google Chrome as their main browser for work and personal activities. Meanwhile, many people have never even used Microsoft Edge, even though it is considered one of the easiest and convenient browsers to use.

However, according to technology expert Tony Polanco, that may change in the near future with the browser “simulating” Edge, codenamed “Phoenix”.

As revealed by the account WalkingCat – a reliable source of technology information on Twitter, Microsoft has been promoting this research project since last summer. Phoenix is ​​being built piecemeal, and some parts have been tested using Edge previews.

Phoenix has an interface with rounded corners, similar to Windows 11. The split window feature is also integrated on this browser, allowing users to view 2 different websites with just a single tab.

Microsoft Edge 'Phoenix' có thể khiến nhiều người dùng từ bỏ Google Chrome: Lý do là gì? - Ảnh 1.

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There’s also a new “Tab Activity Center” feature, which provides insights and analytics on a user’s browser usage. To make it easy to imagine, this feature works similar to the health measurement application on smartphones.

According to expert Polanco, the above updates may not sound like much at first, but they are important details. As a Windows user, he considers Edge Phoenix’s new features quite interesting.

Here are the specifics of the highly appreciated new changes on Microsoft Edge Phoenix:

High aesthetics, equivalent to Windows 11

Windows 11 brings many new interface improvements and one of the most noticeable points is the rounded corners around the window (as shown below). This is one of the reasons why many users choose to upgrade immediately to Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge 'Phoenix' có thể khiến nhiều người dùng từ bỏ Google Chrome: Lý do là gì? - Ảnh 2.

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Microsoft Edge is inherently a Chromium-based browser, which means it closely resembles Google Chrome. While this aspect makes it easier for Chrome users to adapt to Microsoft Edge, it also makes the browser seem disconnected from Windows.

Therefore, giving Edge a new interface with rounded corners will make it look more like part of Windows 11.

Split view to increase productivity

“Snap Assist” is an important feature that splits the screen in Windows 11, and allows users to arrange open applications on the screen. This is an update of a similar feature on Windows 10, allowing users to arrange opened windows into predefined layouts.

However, instead of having to drag the windows into place of the layout, you can simply hover your cursor over the minimize/maximize button in the top right corner of the open application window.

A pop-up will quickly appear and give you different layout options, such as 50/50 split screen between two apps, or 50/25/25 split between three apps. apps, even split 2/3 of the screen for one app, and 1/3 for the other.

Microsoft Edge 'Phoenix' có thể khiến nhiều người dùng từ bỏ Google Chrome: Lý do là gì? - Ảnh 3.

Image source: Twitter

System-wide password management

Microsoft Edge has an easy to use password manager. You can use different passwords for each site. It works just as well as Google Chrome’s password manager.

The feature that allows users to manage Windows passwords right on Edge makes it easier to manage all of a user’s passwords from one spot.

It is not clear if Microsoft will deliver Edge Phoenix updates in installments or as a single major update, but according to Polanco experts, once rolled out, these features will certainly appeal to a large number of people. use.

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