Microsoft discloses what data it will collect on the Android Surface Duo smartphone

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So Microsoft has launched its own line of Android smartphones called Surface Duo. And just like it did with Windows 10, Microsoft has also released information about the data they collect from users of this device.

Microsoft tiết lộ những dữ liệu hãng sẽ thu thập trên smartphone Android Surface Duo - Ảnh 1.

Surface Duo will have two levels of diagnostic data on the device. Specifically, required diagnostic data and optional diagnostic data. And users can choose from either of these levels at the beginning of unboxing and equipment settings.

“Surface Duo will collect diagnostic data to solve problems and keep the Surface Duo experience up to date, secure, and functional,” Microsoft explains . This data also helps us improve Surface Duo and related Microsoft products and services. The data does not include your username, email address or file-related content.

Required diagnostic data includes device information such as manufacturer, processor and memory, device settings and configuration, basic error information, operating system version, applications and drivers already selected. Setting.

Microsoft tiết lộ những dữ liệu hãng sẽ thu thập trên smartphone Android Surface Duo - Ảnh 2.

Microsoft emphasizes asking users for permission to collect optional diagnostic data to help it improve its devices and services. Data is transmitted to Microsoft and will be stored with one or more unique identifiers, helping the company to identify an individual device and understand users’ problems and usage.

Optional collect data, on the other hand, will collect more information about your device, application activity, Microsoft Edge browser, such as browsing history, search terms, other error information, and status details. system status.

The Surface Duo comes with Android 10 pre-installed when it ships, but the Android 11 update for the device will be released later this year.

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