Microsoft concessions allow old PCs to install Windows 11, but users have to “do it on their own”

Tram Ho

When Microsoft announced the strict hardware requirements of Windows 11, many users were outraged because their PCs, despite their very powerful configuration, still could not meet them. Finally, Microsoft gave in, allowing older computers to upgrade to Windows 11.

Previously, although the TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot requirements could be bypassed through registry changes when installing the beta, Microsoft confirmed that these methods would not be possible on the final version of Windows. operating system.

Microsoft nhượng bộ cho phép PC cũ cài đặt Windows 11, nhưng người dùng phải tự xử - Ảnh 1.

However, in a recent blog post, Microsoft announced an update to the system requirements with the Windows 11 upgrade. While the change isn’t huge, it’s worth noting that the company won’t prevent users from manually updating older systems to official Windows 11 anymore.

Microsoft says users can still install Windows 11 manually, from an ISO file. As long as the system has a 64-bit CPU clocked at 1GHz or higher, with at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. These are the absolute minimum specs you’ll need to run Windows 11. Windows 11 won’t support 32-bit CPUs.

If you want to update to Windows 11 officially through Windows Update, you’ll still need an 8th Gen Intel CPU or later, or an AMD Zen 2 CPU or later, with UEFI and TPM 2.0. You’ll also need at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

In addition, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 11 will officially support Intel Core X-series, Xeon W-series and Intel Core 7820HQ (only on select devices sold with new drivers based on DCH design principles). used in Surface Studio 2. Notably, Windows 11’s initial system requirements made even the “home-grown” Studio 2 ineligible for the upgrade, but have now been listed.

Microsoft nhượng bộ cho phép PC cũ cài đặt Windows 11, nhưng người dùng phải tự xử - Ảnh 2.

Users will also get a better understanding of why their system cannot receive the official Windows 11 update. Microsoft is updating the PC Health Check app, with a downloadable preview available . The new app will provide more insight into what makes your system ineligible for an upgrade.

Microsoft offers several reasons for the stricter system requirements, mainly based on security. Still, it’s great to see Microsoft keeping Windows 11 “open” enough for users to upgrade manually, if they so desire.

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