Microsoft CEO reveals a “next generation” of Windows, coming soon

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Microsoft will not reveal its plans to change its Windows operating system at the upcoming Build 2021 event, the reason may be because Microsoft wants to hold a more grandiose private event to announce new Windows changes. .

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about this upcoming big change, calling it the “next generation” of Windows and that he’s been experimenting with the new Windows for the past few months.

CEO Microsoft hé lộ về một “thế hệ tiếp theo” của Windows, sẽ sớm ra mắt - Ảnh 1.

“We will soon launch one of the most important Windows updates in a decade, to open up even greater opportunities for developers and creators. I’ve been experiencing it myself for the past few months and am extremely excited about the next generation of Windows.

Our promise is to create more opportunities for every developer, welcoming new creators, to build, distribute and monetize apps. We look forward to sharing more information soon,” said CEO Satya Nadella.

Microsoft has been developing a new version of the app store for Windows, along with changes to the operating system’s user interface.

Some of the key changes to the Windows Store will be allowing developers to submit any software and apps, including browsers like Chrome or Firefox. There are even rumors that Microsoft will allow 3rd party commercial platforms in the app, which means developers can avoid the 15% fee with the app and 12% with the game. Microsoft.

Microsoft’s CEO calls this the “next generation” of Windows, while Microsoft often refers specifically to Windows 10. That means that Microsoft is preparing a big change to the whole Windows brand, not not just Windows 10.

He also said that we will be seeing more about the future of Windows very soon. It can be implied that Microsoft will soon reveal new information in the near future.

Reference: theverge

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