Microsoft boss accidentally revealed real-life image of Surface Duo with Surface Pen

Tram Ho

So far, the information about the time of the official launch of Surface Duo is still a question mark. But Microsoft has always known how to create curiosity and excitement for users about new devices even when the company has not revealed a specific time.

Sếp Microsoft vô tình hé lộ hình ảnh ngoài đời của Surface Duo cùng bút Surface Pen - Ảnh 1.

After Microsoft product manager Panos Panay on Instagram introduced the new Surface, it’s now Frank X. Shaw, vice president of the group and Microsoft’s corporate communications division, accidentally revealed the Surface image. Duo in a photo on Twitter.

While the main purpose of the Twitter post was to show off Shaw’s baking skills, viewers accidentally realized the presence of Surface Duo. As you can see, the Surface Duo comes with a Surface Pen like the Surface Pro X.

Sếp Microsoft vô tình hé lộ hình ảnh ngoài đời của Surface Duo cùng bút Surface Pen - Ảnh 2.

Another interesting detail discovered in this photo is the LED flash on the front. Basically the support of the LED flash will help the ability to take selfies in low light environments better.

And of course one of the biggest selling points of the Surface Duo is its ability to multitask when it can run two apps on two different screens simultaneously.

This is one of Microsoft’s most anticipated products this year and after its announcement last fall. The product was originally planned to go on sale this holiday season. But the Surface Duo is likely to launch this month or the next few months.

It is not clear what the price of this product is.

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