Microsoft 365 will tell your boss if you’re acting suspiciously online

Tram Ho

Microsoft is making several updates to Microsoft 365, to help businesses keep a closer eye on how their employees use the web.

According to a new entry in the company’s product roadmap, Microsoft 365 will soon give admins “the ability to view risky activities using the browser and related internal risk policy templates.” .

Elsewhere, it shows that Microsoft will deploy new machine learning (ML) techniques to more accurately detect threats and potential risks.

Microsoft has simply marked the items in this roadmap as “in development”, without providing more specific timelines.

Microsoft 365 sẽ mách cho sếp của bạn nếu bạn có những hành động đáng ngờ khi online - Ảnh 1.

While businesses face a wide range of threats from external actors, the security risks posed by employees (whether intentionally or otherwise) are also significant. For example, according to a forecast from security firm Mandiant, insider threats will account for a third of all incidents this year.

To help businesses combat this, Microsoft 365 has long provided administrators with ways to configure alerts that trigger when employees take certain actions online.

Under this system, administrators can choose to be alerted when an employee copies a file to personal cloud storage or a USB drive, for example, or when a file is transferred to an unsecured network share.

While the new route items are rather vague, the suggestion is that the upgrades will give admins more visibility into their employees’ online behavior, as well as improve the ability to This risky activity is detected.

Reference: Techradar

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