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Mia Lock Vietnam – Genuine fingerprint door lock distributor

Proud to be a large distributor, Mia Lock always provides quality fingerprint door lock products and puts the community’s interests above personal interests, ensuring a safe product to preserve and protect. the house avoids bad fluctuations outside.

CEO Ho Phu Hoai of Mia Lock Vietnam said: “The products we distribute are always manufactured on modern technological lines, strictly tested, and certified to European standards. Therefore, it is very safe. absolutely safe and secure when using.”

Why is fingerprint door lock so popular today?

The house is a private space, a safe place for many people. The main door is an important and indispensable part of that house, how annoying it is to have to carry a bunch of keys all the time. Understanding this problem, fingerprint door locks are increasingly being introduced into Vietnam and gradually replacing traditional door locks. This is considered an extremely effective solution to complex social problems and can also be controlled to ensure the safety of family members.

Mia Lock Việt Nam chuyên phân phối khóa cửa vân tay chính hãng cao cấp - Ảnh 1.

Applying advanced fingerprint technology, Area Scanning technology and Sweden’s FPC fingerprint technology, these are two famous and highly appreciated technologies for security as well as convenience for each type of lock. With outstanding features such as the number one fingerprint recognition ability, which cannot be faked and copied, is very popular with users.

Fingerprint door lock with fingerprint technology Area Scanning this technology applies fingerprint scanning based on the ability to form small points and join together based on the unique characteristics of each user’s fingerprint, thus identifying extremely accurate. With optical sensor technology that recognizes 2D and 3D fingerprints, there is absolute security to ensure every inch accuracy, bringing peace of mind to users.

FPC fingerprint technology recognizes fingerprints in the most detail, not only the external fingerprint shape but also the temperature and pressure inside each large skin are also recorded in the most detail. It is known that this technology has an extremely small error of only 0.0001% or even 0%, so there will never be a case of forging or copying fingerprints.

In addition, the fingerprint door lock has many outstanding features that not only can be unlocked by fingerprint but also can be unlocked by many other methods, thereby ensuring diversity and convenience when using the lock. The lock design is also well-organized with many unique and novel design styles, bringing aesthetics and harmony in each home style.

Mia Lock Việt Nam chuyên phân phối khóa cửa vân tay chính hãng cao cấp - Ảnh 2.

Mr. Ho Phu Hoai also shared: “Today’s fingerprint door lock market is constantly changing, updating more and more trends to meet user needs, requiring distributors to always innovate solutions. Mia Lock Vietnam confidently always meets all requirements, always innovates sales plans, updates trends and always offers extremely preferential sales policies. ensure all benefits for customers, especially loyal customers who have always trusted and supported”

Buy genuine fingerprint door lock at Mia Lock Vietnam

In the fingerprint door lock market, Mia Lock Vietnam always ensures the distribution of genuine locks and is imported directly from investors and without any intermediaries to ensure the best products. best quality to consumers. In particular, you do not need to worry about which door locks to choose, which style, just give the requirements and styles you want, the consulting staff will help you choose the type of door lock. The most suitable, the most suitable. Moreover, just need to buy a lock, please contact Mia Lock Vietnam, we will definitely update and deliver the goods to you as soon as possible. At the same time, with a team of experienced and skilled technical staff will definitely help you decorate your house aesthetically but also ensure security and private space in the most effective way.

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Address: 162, Road 2, Van Phuc Urban Area, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, City. Thu Duc, HCMC

Email: mialock.com@gmail.com

Website: https://mialock.com/

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