Memories with the fortune of Apple

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Apple products are extremely rare or “traces” of the late CEO Steve Jobs are sought by collectors with very high value, sometimes up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In March, a series of such products will be auctioned by RR Auction. All belong to former design engineer Jerry Manock, sold or circulated from the 1970s to the 1980s. The most valuable in the collection is the Apple I, the first Apple computer to function normally after 44 years. manufacturing. Starting price is set at $ 300,000 .
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Starting at $ 200, a 14 x 11-inch photograph of the Apple I, signed and written “Think Different” by co-founder Steve Wozniak. Auction time of products lasts from 5/3 to 12/3.
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Macintosh Portable is Apple’s first battery-powered mobile computer. The product was launched in 1989 and failed miserably due to its weight of 6.8 kg and overpriced price ( $ 7,300 ). RR Auction’s machine starts at US $ 200 and is no longer functional.
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The contract for designing the Apple II computer, signed by Steve Jobs on February 25, 1977, starts at $ 35,000 .
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This is the billboard for the Apple II computer used in the product launch event at the West Coast Computer Fair conference in 1977. The starting price of this sign is $ 1,800 .
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Macintosh 128K is the first Mac computer from Apple. Starting at $ 25,000 , the device sold on RR Auction has a sticker on the back with the words “In Appreciation: Jerry Manock”. Working at Apple from 1977 to 1984, Jerry Manock designed 3 Apple II, Apple III and Macintosh devices.
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The certificate of merit was sent to Jerry Manock by Steve Jobs for his contribution to Apple’s success in 1983, below is a congratulatory letter written by Jobs. The starting price of this letter is 10,000 USD .
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And this is the “Hero Award” medal that Manock received. According to Manock, this is a surprise gift next to a check worth $ 5,000 . The medal was also auctioned at a starting price of $ 5,000 .
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The Macintosh PowerBook 190cs is a color screen laptop launched in 1995. The special feature of this machine is the underside of the words “Happy Computing” written by Steve Jobs. The starting price of the product is 10,000 USD .
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Here are 7 T-shirts related to Apple and NeXT – the computer company founded by Steve Jobs after leaving Apple. The red shirt was designed by Apple employees, the back has the words in English, roughly translated as: “We are not allowed to comment on products not yet launched”. A total of 7 shirts have a starting price of 1,000 USD .
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The Apple logo sign with a rainbow neon light in use since 1989 starts at $ 2,000 .
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The coat was worn by Apple staff when the first Macintosh was launched, and the back was the logo with the message “90 hrs / wk and loving it!”. The starting price of the shirt is 800 USD .
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Set of 4 towels made by Apple, printed with Mac computer image and Apple rainbow logo starting at $ 800 .
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Finally, the AppleWatch, a wristwatch with a plastic strap, a dial, an Apple logo and the words “Think Different”. Of course this watch is not related to the Apple Watch smartwatch. The starting price for the product is 400 USD .
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