MediaTek bought Intel’s Enpirion power management chip for $ 85 million

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MediaTek recently announced it will acquire Intel’s Enpirion line of power management chips. The acquisition will include all related assets and MediaTek will complete the transaction through its subsidiary Richtek. According to the disclosure, this deal will cost about $ 85 million.

MediaTek mua mảng chip quản lý điện năng Enpirion của Intel với giá 85 triệu USD - Ảnh 1.

The deal is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year. Of course, this deal will take place after completing all relevant legal proceedings.

MediaTek said that after completing the merger, it will expand the company’s product line. In addition, MediaTek will focus on high efficiency and high efficiency energy solutions for integrated circuits FPGA, SoC, CPU and ASIC.

MediaTek’s goal will be enterprise delivery system applications, helping to scale operations. MediaTek believes that this deal will improve the company’s business efficiency and competitiveness.

The Intel Enpirion power management module is a DC-DC converter power supply unit. This is a high-end solution on the market and integrates key components for power management and meets the requirements of FPGA, ASIC, CPU, …

Power management chip is often used in devices that use batteries as the main power source. They are responsible for the conversion, distribution and detection of the power supply. Power management chips are also used in managing the electrical energy of electronic equipment systems.

It is mainly used to convert source voltage and current into microprocessor, sensor, and other load currents.

The power management chip has many applications and its development is crucial to improving the performance of a device. But the power management chip market is constantly changing.

MediaTek mua mảng chip quản lý điện năng Enpirion của Intel với giá 85 triệu USD - Ảnh 2.

In July of this year, ADI announced that they had reached a final agreement with Maxim. ADI will completely buy back Maxim. Its share is expected to increase to 14% and that in conjunction with TI will reach 33%. The market share of the industry giants is growing and customers will have to increase the number of suppliers to ensure a stable supply.

It was previously reported that Apple’s iPhone production line is facing a shortage of power management chips or difficult to meet demand for the year-end shopping season. Thanks to the development of 5G, the number of power management chips has increased significantly, according to industry experts.

Normally 4G smartphones will require 1 to 2 power management chips and 5G smartphones will require 10 such chips. Therefore, the power management chip is very important on the iPhone 12 supporting 5G communication technology.

MediaTek has recently been actively developing the ASIC business and has received orders from Google to integrate the Intel Enpirion product line.

With MediaTek owning Intel’s line of Enpirion power management chips, it is able to provide a more complete and comprehensive solution in the server market.

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