Measuring and testing successful ventilators manufactured by Vingroup

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Vietnam Metrology Institute (General Department of Standards – Metrology – Quality) has conducted a test measurement of the specifications of the VFS 510 intrusion ventilator model produced by Vingroup.

Accordingly, the test measurements showed that the basic specifications of the VVS 510 Vingroup ventilator model met international standards and manufacturer standards.

Đo lường thử nghiệm thành công máy thở do Vingroup sản xuất - Ảnh 1.

VSmart VFS-510 ventilator is manufactured by Vingroup with a localization rate of 70%.

According to Mr. Tran Van Vinh, Director General of the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, to create favorable conditions for the business community, join hands with the whole country in the effective prevention of Covid-19, the General Department of Standards and Measurements Metrology and Quality has had many supporting activities, accompanies enterprises recently.

Notably, the General Department provides free national standards related to the field of medical equipment, the field of risk management, the quality management system in general and specific for the equipment industry. medical.

At the same time, the General Department also actively works, cooperates with international standardization organizations, European standards organizations, USA, Australia … to gather the latest international standards provided to the community. Vietnamese businesses produce and trade medical equipment to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“To complete the necessary conditions for the production of Vingroup ventilators, the General Department has assigned the Vietnam Metrology Institute to coordinate with the ventilator development research and development division of the Group to conduct technical measurement and measurement of technical parameters. VFS 510 intrusion model.

Đo lường thử nghiệm thành công máy thở do Vingroup sản xuất - Ảnh 2.

Technical staff of the Medical Measurement Division, Vietnam Metrology Institute of the General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality perform test measurements for VFS-510 ventilators.

This test measurement aims to help Vingroup better control electrical safety indicators and measurement parameters of the ventilator, thereby adjusting the technical parameters on the technology line, helping the breathing machine when The production has specifications to meet the requirements of international standards as well as published standards, ”Vinh said.

Earlier, on April 28, Vingroup announced that it had completed two ventilator samples exactly three weeks after the announcement to serve the treatment of COVID-19 patients. VSmart VFS-410 and VFS-510 are two “made in Vietnam” intrusion ventilators complete and manufactured entirely from the Vingroup ecosystem.

With the active support of ministries, departments, medical experts and Medtronic Company (USA), VFS-410 and VFS-510 ensure international quality standards and long-term value for use in treatment. “post-COVID-19”, ie after the epidemic is under control.

In particular, VSmart VFS-410 is a special upgrade of the first VFS-310 ventilator version developed by Vingroup engineers from the design concept of MIT University, while VSmart VFS-510 received the transfer and Improved from the world’s leading manufacturer of Medtronic (USA).

Đo lường thử nghiệm thành công máy thở do Vingroup sản xuất - Ảnh 3.

The first batch of Vingroup ventilator products is expected to ship in mid-May 2020.

Vingroup said: VSmart VFS-410 is an invasive ventilator based on turbine technology, which is equivalent to the high-end mobile infiltration breathing apparatus on the market (leaving CPAP only for people breathing by themselves).

From the simple non-invasive ventilator design of the MIT University team, the VFS-410 has been modified by Vingroup engineers to become an invasive ventilator with the technology of generating gas by a turbine instead of squeezing the ball itself. action to ensure high accuracy.

In addition, the device also has a monitoring and alert sensor to maintain oxygen levels, positive pressure at the end of exhalation, measure patient breathing and self-adjust to sync with this breathing. All operating principles, boards, mechanical components, software development and designs of VSmart VFS-410 are designed, developed and manufactured at Vingroup, under the close consultation of the Ministry of Health. , international experts and Vinmec doctors.

VSmart VFS-510 is an intrusion ventilator based on the PB560 model of Medtronic ventilator used in Vietnam. VFS-510 has the advantages of compact, versatile including 6 flexible breathing modes, can be used for adult patients and pediatric patients; for people who need supportive ventilation to invade or not invade … meet a variety of treatment requirements as prescribed by your doctor.

Due to the scarcity of materials for the production of ventilators worldwide, Vingroup actively researches and fixes to produce or localize up to 70% of its components, including special assemblies. important and complex as: blower, motherboards (PCBA controller, power, …), keyboard, display, battery, case …

Medtronic also works closely with Vingroup to revise the device’s software to ensure the features of the VFS-510 are completely equivalent to the original PB560 machine.

The first batch of products is expected to ship in mid-May 2020. /.

According to CTV Doan Linh

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