Marketer headache choosing Chatbot effectively: Experts suggest 5 golden tips

Tram Ho

Marketer đau đầu chọn Chatbot hiệu quả: Chuyên gia gợi ý 5 bí quyết vàng - Ảnh 1.

Search for reputable chatbot developers

There is no formula to prove that a reputable unit will produce the product effectively and vice versa. However, choosing a branded product with an experienced IT care team promises to make it easier and more effective for businesses to use chatbots.

Not to mention in the worst case, when the chatbot product does not really like that, the warranty, exchange, after-sales policies from this unit still support you better than other anonymous names on the market.

Accordingly, if you want to choose an appropriate Chatbot, you can refer to some “big” companies specializing in developing these solutions such as Chatfuel, ManyChat, Harafunel, Botbanhang or BizFly from VCCorp.

In fact, these are all reputable Chatbot development units that are selected and trusted by many large customers. Specifically: Chatfuel provides chatbot for Netflix, Nissan, Levis …; Hara Funnel provides chatbot solutions for: Juno, Bitis, Thien Long, Thecoffeehouse … Particularly Viettel, Foody, Vnpay, Grab choose chatbots from botbanhang. Bizfly Chat is a provider of Chatbot solutions for Vingroup, Samsung, Acnes … and internal websites of VCCorp such as Kenh14, CafeF, Lotus …

Understand the functions

Marketer đau đầu chọn Chatbot hiệu quả: Chuyên gia gợi ý 5 bí quyết vàng - Ảnh 2.

If you just need a chatbot to support auto-replying, you can skip this. However, if you need a versatile chatbot with lots of optimization features, learn the following issues: Which chatbot is built according to the scenario (keyword or conversation made available)? Is there a repository of sample scripts or not? Does the chatbot provide livechat, organize viral campaign and integrate on the web? How many Page connect to Chat? How does chatbot manage customer lists? Does Facebook ads integrate and connect with delivery?

Also, take care of chatbot’s hosting and customer segmentation features. Often, chatbots have built-in CRM that will help classify and exploit customers more thoroughly.

In addition, if you want to exploit multichannel, you need to learn about the ability to integrate chatbot with Website, Email Marketing, CRM to ensure the most convenient and synchronized access to customers.

If you want to use Chatbot as a remote human resource management tool, Marketer needs to learn more about automatic job assignment, support staff and storage history interacting with customers … To ensure Chatbot help you evaluate the most effective and accurate labor performance.

Interested in service costs

Usually, the more features the chatbot requires, the higher the service cost and vice versa. However, there are still cases where free chatbots still include features similar to other paid chatbot packages.

Specifically as a free package of BizFly Chat. Although it is a free product, Bizfly Chat owns full features not inferior to a Chatbot package of 3,000,000 VND / year on the market (see comparison table below)

Marketer đau đầu chọn Chatbot hiệu quả: Chuyên gia gợi ý 5 bí quyết vàng - Ảnh 3.

Accordingly, do not ignore the free Chatbot tools if both want to be effective and save optimal costs offline.

Do not forget to refer to the review of the previous person

The objective feedback from them will be a reliable measure for you to determine which chatbot is suitable without having to “step in the footsteps of the crash” again.

You should refer to reviews from people operating in your field to get the most appropriate look. Because, a chatbot like botbanhang can be very effective for online retail consumer but not necessarily suitable for real estate, resort, finance … Or a famous chatbot like Chatfuel also has can bring many difficulties and disadvantages during use if English is not the advantage of your business.

Practical experience

Marketer đau đầu chọn Chatbot hiệu quả: Chuyên gia gợi ý 5 bí quyết vàng - Ảnh 4.

Chatbot, even great with many features, is still a technological product. Accordingly, to know whether they are really suitable for your business or not, Marketer should still personally experience the product.

Because only when testing, can you get the most accurate assessment of how friendly they are? How is the ability to handle situations with customers? Are storage and categorization functions really effective? How managing human resources works online … This will help you get an objective assessment and choose the most suitable for your business.

Launched at the time of the widespread Covid translation, BizFly Chat – Chatbot Free provided by VCCORP is a 24/7 automatic closing and consulting solution used by many businesses. The product offers all the features of an advanced Chatbot to help businesses operate effectively while saving maximum costs.

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