Mark Zuckerberg lost $6 billion on Facebook’s bad day

Tram Ho

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were globally inaccessible late on the evening of October 4 (Vietnam time) causing the company’s share price to drop 4.9% in trading. As such, Facebook stock has fallen about 15% since mid-September.

This is Facebook’s worst service outage since 2008. Over a decade ago, Facebook crashed for almost a day. The problem also affected internal systems at Facebook, leaving employees unable to access email, the internal messaging service (Workplace) or even enter the office.

Mark Zuckerberg mất 6 tỷ USD trong ngày tồi tệ của Facebook - Ảnh 2.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (Photo: Reuters)

CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth also fell to $122 billion, pushing him down to fifth place on Bloomberg’s billionaire rankings. A few weeks ago, Mr. Zuckerberg held nearly $140 billion.

From September 13, The Wall Street Journal began publishing a series of articles based on internal Facebook documents, revealing that the social network was aware of problems with its products – such as Instagram’s negative impact on Facebook. negative effects on the mental health of teenage girls or misinformation about the Capitol Hill riots on January 6 – but “understated, understated” in public.

The series attracted the attention of government officials, and on October 4, the accuser of Facebook was revealed. That’s Frances Haugen, former Facebook product manager. In an interview on 60 Minutes, she criticized the old company for putting profits first and not maintaining measures against fake news after the 2020 US Presidential election.

In response, Facebook emphasizes that the problems its products face are complex, not just caused by technology.

According to Bloomberg, Forbes

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