Many times hot eyes because of Apple, but Elon Musk has just sent a special thank you to the iPhone manufacturer

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So far, erratic billionaire Elon Musk often spends sarcastic words against Apple on social networks as well as in face-to-face interviews. Not only because Apple can be a potential competitor in the field of electric vehicles, but also because Mr. Musk is often dissatisfied with the way Apple treats app developers.

But recently, during the Morgan Stanley Communications and Technology Conference 2023, Mr. Musk publicly said a special thank you to Apple, for sticking with the social networking platform Twitter. Besides, Mr. Musk’s thanks also goes to Disney.

Along with many other advertisers, Apple has been cutting ad spend on Twitter since Musk became the social network’s CEO. But many reports later said that Apple also did not seem to reduce Twitter ad spend as much as imagined, even increased.

Nhiều lần nóng mắt vì Apple, nhưng Elon Musk lại vừa gửi lời cảm ơn đặc biệt đến nhà sản xuất iPhone - Ảnh 1.

Having criticized Apple many times, but recently Mr. Musk himself sent special thanks to Apple and Disney. Internet photos

Proof of that was Musk’s public thanks at a recent event to Apple and Disney – for continuing to be Twitter’s biggest advertisers today.

In addition, Mr. Musk also did not forget to praise his talent because his “aggressive and immediate actions” saved Twitter from a difficult financial situation.

There were a few obstacles on the way, but that was to be expected .” Mr. Musk said. ” We now have the opportunity to (Twitter) grow into something spectacular .”

I don’t want to say in advance the no-pass or anything like that .” Mr. Musk said. ” But I think we’ll be in a positive cash flow position in the second quarter .”

It seems that Mr. Musk’s rage towards Apple is easing off not only because the tech giant continues to be a major advertiser of Twitter but also since Mr. Tim Cook invited the billionaire to make a visit. to the company’s Apple Park headquarters.

Musk previously said that Apple was threatening to remove Twitter from the App Store without saying why. But after that visit, Musk said, Apple “never intended” to remove Twitter from the App Store.

Refer to Apple Insider

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