Many new details for “Windows 10 in the cloud” gradually revealed

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You and your organization could be about to completely change the way Windows 10 is used in the future as Microsoft is quietly developing a new product, in the form of a PC-as-a-service – or a PC as a translation. service.

Until now, the popular and familiar way to everyone was to buy a new computer with a pre-installed operating system or install it for themselves after building a new PC. However, the approach that Microsoft is taking will be the company distributing the operating system and applications as a SaaS service in the cloud.

Nhiều chi tiết mới cho Windows 10 trên mây dần lộ diện - Ảnh 1.

A recruitment information said, Microsoft is hiring a program manager (Program manager) for the company’s Cloud PC Team team. The job postings in it give us a clearer picture of the upcoming PC-as-a-Service service.

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Microsoft Cloud PC is a new strategic service, built on top of Windows Virtual Desktop to deliver Desktop-as-a-Service. In its core, Cloud PC will provide enterprise customers with The cloud-based Windows experience is modern, scalable and allows organizations to stay up-to-date in a simpler and more scalable way . ”

PC as a service

According to a series of new support documents from Microsoft, the Cloud PC service is currently being tested outside of the company. The software giant is in the process of adding Cloud PC APIs to the Microsoft Graph.

Nhiều chi tiết mới cho Windows 10 trên mây dần lộ diện - Ảnh 2.

With this service, users can access their own personalized computers from anywhere with internet access. Not only limited to the files you have saved like OneDrive or Google Drive, but also applications installed in that cloud computer.

Besides, there are other sources that say that Microsoft will provide many “service packs” for customers to choose from when helping them to access different hardware configurations.

According to Windows Latest, the mid-range configuration will include 2 vCPU, 4GB RAM and 96GB SSD while the high-end configuration will have 2 vCPU, 8GB RAM, and 96GB SSD. Users who need a higher configuration can upgrade to the top-end configuration with 3 vCPU and 8GB of RAM.

Microsoft’s Cloud PC service will be optimized for speed and performance for entry-level PCs, while for enterprise customers, the company will focus on scalability and data processing.

When the PC-as-a-Service service was launched later this year, users could access their Cloud PC from any client capable device for Microsoft Remote Desktop.

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