Mandatory masking in public places from 16-3

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On March 14, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam issued a notice: Those who come from or travel through the epidemic area should regularly check the updated regulations of airlines, ensuring that all necessary documents are followed. required to be able to make the flight (especially documents confirming the health status if any).

Bắt buộc đeo khẩu trang tại nơi công cộng từ 16-3 - Ảnh 1.

Mandatory wearing masks at supermarkets, airports, railway stations, bus stations, on public transport … Photos taken at Tan Son Nhat Airport – Photo: Duong Ngoc

All passengers on domestic and international flights to and from Vietnam must wear masks throughout the flight and upon arrival at the station.

Vietnam has informed this content to diplomatic missions, consulates and representative offices of international organizations in Vietnam.

On the same day, General Director of Vietnam Airport Corporation (ACV) Vu The Phiet requested the directors of branch airports to preside and deploy to the security staff on duty at the gates of the terminals at the terminals. Airports and airports are responsible for reminding and advising passengers to wear masks when passing through airports.

Coordinate with Airline to notify passengers who have to wear a mask when passing through the Airport, to provide free masks for those who do not have (especially international passengers coming). To set up radio broadcasts and conduct radio broadcasting to remind and propagate passengers, at the same time arrange instruction boards, recommend wearing masks for passengers traveling by plane at easily identifiable places of the Station.

For airports with international operations, the Director of Airport shall notify foreign airlines having flights to Vietnam on the regulation that passengers are required to wear masks when entering Vietnam. .

Earlier, on the afternoon of March 14, the Government Office announced the conclusion of the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the Government Standing Committee on Covid-19.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister requested to minimize the source of infection from the outside. Restrict entry from countries where epidemics are affected; minimize flights from epidemic areas to Vietnam to minimize sources of infection from outside; strictly enforce immigration procedures, especially check details, seriously medical declarations; stating recommendations, requiring passengers to report electronically before coming to Vietnam.

Restrict flights to Vietnam, especially from the national airline of Vietnam flying to the affected areas.

The Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Health to review and inspect the plan to mobilize medical forces to ensure adequate human resources, equipment and facilities for treatment, minimizing deaths. can happen.

 - Ảnh 2.

Point of free mask delivery at Noi Bai Airport – Photo: Phan Cong

The National Steering Committee of COVID-19 prevention and control was assigned to direct the procurement of a number of necessary equipment to serve the treatment, prevention and control of epidemics; In the immediate future, agree to buy or have a sponsor to immediately get 2,000 quick test kits to supply to agencies and localities that are in high demand of testing.

From 16-3-2020, strictly enforce masks in public places with large crowds (such as at supermarkets, airports, railway stations, bus stations, on public transport. .). The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Health shall direct the manufacture and supply of quality masks to meet the people’s use needs.

The Ministry of Transport shall direct the aviation industry and airlines to provide free masks to passengers in case passengers do not have masks, including foreigners who enter Vietnam, requiring passengers to wear masks. mask during the flight and when entering the station.

Bắt buộc đeo khẩu trang tại nơi công cộng từ 16-3 - Ảnh 5.
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