Male student 2001 “bot” teaches free University exam, just chat and review 6000 multiple choice questions

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While learning and “chit chat” interesting, not only support pressure but still comfortable to review, words like fluency.

At the beginning of the summer, the atmosphere was not really sweltering, but in fact, this was an extremely hot time for the graduating seniors to choose the University for the future. Just over a month away, the moment of stepping into one of the most fierce pen and paper arenas of life will take place, everything needs to be prepared as much as possible, with no place for errors and carelessness.

The day-to-day work of the 12-year-old officers is not really learning anymore, but running against time

However, the temptations from social networks, or simply a few lines of outstanding messages “ting ting” that break the whole effort to concentrate on the review session, are still barriers for many young people. If it is too difficult to force yourself to isolate from daily Messenger communication, then why not make it a useful tutor, chat and review yourself with ease and efficiency?

Nguyen Anh Nhan (right) and his close friend.

That is the work of Nguyen Anh Nhan – 12th grade high school Tran Phu, Ha Tinh – when one hand makes automatic chatbot, synthesizes over 6000 English multiple-choice questions for users. In other words, everything needs to be done only on the “chat chit” network with this virtual bot, it will interact seamlessly, reviewing faster than the speed of hunting Avengers tickets on the last days.

There was no mistake here, Nhan was actually born in 2001, still a student in the school chair, the same age as the sons preparing for university entrance exams. Talking about inspiration leads to a passion for programming right from the very early age and young and Nhan say that they merely find themselves lucky to find hobbies through creating practical applications and having applicable. The high school program does not provide much for me in capacity development, but in return is the support of my family, teachers and friends to self-learn and self-develop and pursue passion. As long as there is passion, even if the code is so troublesome, I can stand it. ”

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Learn more about Nhan and many other interesting aspects through a short talk with this talented boy:

– The idea of ​​making chatbot to learn this English has been reckoned by Nhan to think of it at any time, and only Nhan has done everything or has his friends helped?

The idea of ​​chatbot children learning English very unexpectedly while I was wondering how to provide the amount of exam questions I collected. At first, I built an Android app, but after I thought it over, I found that the app is not sure many users. Why not take advantage of the rich Messenger user base, easy to set target strategies that develop?

Finally after an afternoon of rewriting the API (programming interface) accordingly, I built this bot. However, its data is still very rough for reasons only I developed. It is no big deal, not too complicated to make, but it is definitely useful for users.

An example of chatbot’s question and answer interface: Comfortable and easy to use, interesting bilingual interaction.

– Can people brief some of the most memorable / achievements / memories in the process of making serious programming in general and when embarking on making this chatbot in particular?

My achievement is not a success, it is a failure. She has been in the science and technology competition for 7 years and has not once touched the title at the national level, although she has always been a leader in the provincial movement. Perhaps partly due to bad luck or lack of investment, but I feel that is what I am most proud of in my life. Failure, failure, failure, surely one day you will find a success. For me, this contest has also partly created a passion for me in research and development of applications and software.

Difficulties in making bots mainly come from processing and distributing data. When I started a product myself, I usually calculated and imagined the situations, thus building a prototype model almost completed right from the beginning of any code. The code process is quite convenient because this bot looks so, but it is not difficult to do.

After a few days of editing, Nhan has officially named this chatbot as “English or Foolish”, and created Group Facebook with the same name so that people can join and share English learning together.

– Add a little share about the reaction of teachers, friends, even netizens when they know about chatbot or other projects of Nhan.

The reaction of my friends and teachers is quite interesting. His English teacher also had the desire to extract the data to study and build into the exam questions. And the greatest joy for me is the positive feedback and feedback from the community.

Although it is incomplete, I hope with my ability and youth, I can develop it even better. For other projects, I also focus mainly on 90% of non-profit community support projects, mostly small products that target the essential needs of users around the Facebook platform and companies. support tool. In the future, I hope I will find something more groundbreaking and useful than just small single uses.

Information boards about projects, software used on Nhan’s personal website. Besides, Nhan also has quite a lot of freelancer experience right from high school.

Through this brief interview, it is enough to immediately see Nhan’s great passion as well as his hard work, hard work and humility. Hopefully, future projects of Nhan will become more and more widely developed with the stature of reaching out, applying more widely, receiving the support and support from not only domestic friends but also international ones. .

Read it already, so what are you waiting for just a few minutes, try and play while reviewing Nhan’s convenient chatbot at this link: . If you have any questions or feedback, don’t worry but feel free … speak directly with chatbot, because Nhan has programmed to provide full interactive features, suggestions and learn right away in the conversation. Please open Messenger!

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