Make a Different in Software Testing Basics – Part 11

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Part 11 – Testing on Smart TV and Mobile

Mobile or WebsiteSmart TV
Accessible abilityApplications or websites can be accessed on mobile devices or from computers, making them more accessible to users.Current applications for smart TVs are relatively few.
EmulatorEmulators for Apple and Android phones are standard and very popular. You can easily test your app on lower or higher versions of iOS and Android through the simulator to ensure that your application will work on all mobile platforms available on market without actually buying real equipment.The smart TV emulator is not popular or may not be available or if it is available it will only be manufactured by a separate manufacturer. Due to this limitation, you cannot only use a smart TV emulator to test your application on all smart TV platforms.
CostOn the market, mobile devices are cheaper to buy than smart TVs. It is possible to purchase multiple mobile devices to test your application.Smart TVs are very expensive to buy during the test period that are required to run on real devices. Hard to afford to buy multiple smart TVs to test their apps.
SizeMobile devices are relatively small in size, and the screen size is also easy to handle.The size of the Smart TV is larger than the handset. Therefore, users must view and process the huge screen all the time to test it. This can be quite annoying.
FlexibilityBecause of the smaller size of mobile devices, they can be carried in hand and comfortably tested comfortably. Therefore, the text on the application is readable from a specified distance.In the smart TV test, you need to place the TV on a table or on a wall due to its large size. It’s not something you can hold in your hand and do a test. It also helps reduce portability.
InputOn mobile devices, you get a virtual keyboard controlled by your fingers, making it easier and faster.The input for the smart TV is mainly provided by the remote control so if the user has to browse any website, they have to enter with virtual keyboard and select the virtual keys using the above navigation keys. remote control makes the whole experience relatively slow.
DebugIt is relatively easy to get debugging logs on mobile devices, because there is a standard toolkit available for this purpose.If you are testing an application developed on a TV platform, it is not easy to get an application’s log if the application has a problem while operating.
Standard PlatformFor mobile devices and websites, one can develop an application for one operating system and it can run on different operating system versions without much additional processing.So far there is more than one operating system for smart TVs and an application written for which operating system can only run on its smart TVs.
ResourcesOn applications and websites, it allows storing more user information because it has more resources than smart TVs.Because the Smart TV does not have large RAM or memory, it is sometimes important to check how long the TV can hold the multimedia content cache in your memory.
CPU & MemoryUsers can monitor the memory or CPU that the application is consuming on mobile devices.It’s not easy to track how much CPU and memory a TV app is consuming on a smart TV at the moment.
Areas of TestingMore user-friendly websites and mobile apps, easy to understand and easy to test.Smart TVs are required to be tested with TV functions, channel conflict testing, etc.
Resolution testingOn mobile devices, the partitions for the resolution are defined and fixed.With different resolutions such as 8K, 4K, Ultra HD, Full HD, 720p, an application can work well on one resolution while freezing in another mode. The culprit here most often is CSS because it is written in pixels or EM (Most smart TVs do not support CSS pixels).
Limited functionalityMore features can be added via various 3rd party apps designed for mobile apps and websites.Not much support from 3rd parties.
UI issuesUser interface issues are not the most important.While testing on different platforms of smart TVs, design issues are sure to emerge. Smart TV application must have UI and minimalistic features, restricting many operations.
User navigationUsers can touch anywhere on the screen to manipulate functions or navigation.Navigation events are required exactly when the end user input is via the remote.
Check for software updatesEasily restore previous software updates or restore factory settings to an application.It is not easy to test the software for new version updates.
Load TestingDedicated CPU and RAM are available on mobile devices.Smart TVs do not come with dedicated CPU or RAM for processing, so it is important to check the application’s response level and give standard parameters for Load tetsing.

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