Lucky money with quick lottery tickets with just a phone

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Lucky money with lottery tickets on the phone

Over the past decades, technology has made great strides such as the advent of the Internet more than 30 years ago, the phone from just listening – calling has become a smart device or smartphone. Cash payment is also gradually being replaced by wire transfer or QR code scanning, etc. And in many past Tet seasons of the 4.0 era, people have also created many different ways to renew the tradition. happy age.

The most obvious is the form of money transfer via bank account or e-wallet to give lucky money with good wishes. Much more modern and interesting, now many people choose to give lucky money with lottery tickets over the phone. This way of giving lucky money to each other, no matter where they are, is only applied to Vietlott’s electronic lottery products (under the Ministry of Finance).

Lì xì bằng vé số nhanh chỉ với chiếc điện thoại - Ảnh 1.

Vietlott lottery tickets are being sold by phone which is very convenient and safe.

Accordingly, anyone who is a MobiFone, VinaPhone or Viettel subscriber only needs to install the Vietlott SMS application on their smartphone (or use the web version at and register an account ( if not already) in a few simple steps. Vietlott SMS is an application that supports buying/giving Vietlott lottery tickets via SMS, attracting more than 750,000 accounts to register for prizes after just over 2 years of launch, paying a total amount of more than 500 billion VND.

After completing registration and verifying relevant information, users only need to deposit money into Vietlott SMS account in the form of wire transfer or e-wallet link. Done, the remaining thing is to choose a set of numbers for your own reward or give it to relatives and friends.

To give Vietlott lottery tickets to others, on the main interface of Vietlott SMS application go to “Utilities” > press the “GIVE NOW” button in the “Give luck” section. At this time, there will be two options: “Gift code” (ie giving a ticket payment code) and “Gift ticket” (ie giving a direct ticket), usually people will give tickets directly to the recipient to add a part of their ideas. means.

Vietlott SMS allows giving multiple sets of numbers at the same time for all products available on this channel, including: Mega 6/45, Power 6/55, Max 3D, Max 3D+, Max 3D Pro and Bingo18. Users only need to select the set of numbers they want to donate, then click “Continue”.

The next interesting thing with the form of lucky money lottery tickets via Vietlott SMS is that users can send immediately or choose a custom time as desired. In addition, Vietlott also pre-designed many card templates for users to choose from, with the feature of composing wishes.

Finally, if we want to give someone, we just need to enter that person’s phone number to send the gift. Only when the recipient has opened the red envelope and confirmed to receive the given set of numbers, the money will be deducted from the sender’s account. Neither the sender nor the receiver will incur any additional costs other than the prescribed ticket purchase. The ticket value is only from 10000 VND, but the spiritual value and the chance to win can be up to several tens of billion VND

Lì xì bằng vé số nhanh chỉ với chiếc điện thoại - Ảnh 2.

Some steps to choose numbers and lucky money with Vietlott lottery tickets on the phone.

Bingo18 “eats” the first Tet on Vietlott SMS: Quick 10 minute lottery, instant lucky money

In the aforementioned products, Bingo18 promises to “explode” during this 2023 Lunar New Year. This product has been available since September 2022 and is only available on Vietlott SMS. In 2023, Bingo18 will “eat” the first Tet, so it has a lot of interesting things waiting for players to discover.

Lì xì bằng vé số nhanh chỉ với chiếc điện thoại - Ảnh 3.

Bingo18 lottery is only available on Vietlott SMS.

Bingo18 Lottery opens prizes quickly every 10 minutes, 96 spins / day (from 06h00 to 21h55 every day including holidays and Tet). Bingo18 draws prizes from the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Each period, the computer will randomly draw three numbers from the above six numbers, which may overlap.

Bingo18 has the main way to play: Add total, Big draw small, one number, two numbers match, three numbers match

How to play a number, two numbers overlap, three numbers coincide is that the player only needs to choose a specific number from the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, and predict the number of times that number appears. appear in the results.

The way to play totals and big and small is that the player predicts the sum of the three numbers in the draw result. The smallest sum is 3 (1 + 1 + 1) and the largest sum is 18 (6 + 6 + 6). In addition to the specific sum above, players can guess the sum in an interval with three options: Draw (10 or 11), Big (greater than 11) and Small (less than 10).

At each spin, players can participate many times with different options. The minimum prize value is 10,000 VND/time and the total amount of the prize money cannot exceed 1 million VND/spinning period.

The selection that gives the biggest prize (if won) is 120 times the stake when predicting a triple match (111, 222,333,444,555,666)c or predicting a sum of 3 or a sum of 18. That means, the basic prize of 10,000 dong will win 1.2 million dong; 1 million VND will win 120 million VND.

If winning, immediately after the drawing, the bonus will be immediately transferred to the player account set up (default bonus account, bank account or e-wallet).

Thus, lucky money with Bingo18 lottery tickets on the phone, players will know the results immediately after no more than 10 minutes from the time the recipient confirms the ticket. This is clearly an option worth trying on this spring of the year of the Rat 2023.

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