Looks like a normal Apple cable, but this USB cable is made to steal your data

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The cable looks like it’s made by Apple, but it’s actually made by a security company. Imagine a harmless-looking USB-to-Lightning cable that, once plugged into your machine, could steal all the data from your iPhone and inject malware into the device.

Nhìn như một sợi cáp bình thường của Apple, nhưng cáp USB này được tạo ra để đánh cắp dữ liệu của bạn - Ảnh 1.

The Hak5 company is selling special USB-C and USB-A cables that can function like regular cables — but they can also be used to hack laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

This cable, first demonstrated by Hak5 security researcher MG in late 2019, is designed to look like a standard USB cable. However, hidden inside is an embedded Wi-Fi module, a web server, and the new 2021 version adds keylogger functionality, along with the ability to remotely control the mouse and keyboard of the attached computer.

Nhìn như một sợi cáp bình thường của Apple, nhưng cáp USB này được tạo ra để đánh cắp dữ liệu của bạn - Ảnh 2.

Called the O.MG cable, it’s been described by Hak5 as “built for covert use, with enhanced features of remote enforcement, invisible, forensic avoidance, all-in-one security.” when you can still quickly change tools.” MG built this cable as a penetration testing tool for security researchers.

Once plugged in, O.MG essentially sets up a wifi hotspot, which a remote hacker can then connect to. From there, a piece of software bundled with the product allows the hacker to record activity from the target device. According to Hak5, the keylogger records up to 650,000 keystrokes.

omg cable interface

In MG’s older demonstration of Motherboard’s Joe Cox, the O.MG USB to Lightning cable was connected to Cox’s Apple Macintosh and iPod. Cox said the iPod was still charging as usual, but shortly after, a terminal window opened on his Mac’s screen, allowing the attacker to run commands as if he were directly using the machine.

MG said it was able to move to mass production of the cable, and cybersecurity supplier Hak5 is starting to sell the cable.

Different versions of the cable support different functions, but you can buy O.MG USB-A to USB-C and Lightning, Lightning to USB-C and USB-C to USB-C cables. Prices range from $120 to $160 and an additional $20 for an optional cable programmer at the Hak5 website.

omg cables keyboard

If a hacker wants to take control of your computer, they just need to be within Wi-Fi coverage, for example, while sitting in a nearby van.

O.MG Cable

MG says the new cables now feature geolocation, where users can enable or block a device’s payload based on the cable’s location.

“It pairs well with self-destruct if the OMG cable leaves your range and you don’t want your payload to leak or be accidentally run against random computers ,” he says.

“Someone said that the Type C cable is safe to hack this implant because there’s not enough space. So I have to prove it wrong , MG said.

Nhìn như một sợi cáp bình thường của Apple, nhưng cáp USB này được tạo ra để đánh cắp dữ liệu của bạn - Ảnh 6.

Either of these cables is capable of hacking your device and they are identical.

However, you should not panic, such a cable is unlikely to be used for random purposes. The cost and usage suggest that this is not something that can be universally universal, unless the hacker has some reason to target you.

Reference: Gizmodo

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