Looking back at dozens of “big” phosphates of Facebook in the past 2 years: Mark Zuckerberg is not weird, this is strange

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Although Facebook is a leading technology technology brand in the world, it stands out with the holdings of social networks that attract the minds of billions of users. However, they are also the “hottest” name in the last 2 years with a series of snake dragon scandals that have no end, shocking the public opinion worldwide. From large to small, from international to regional, there are signs of violations and accusations directed to the team behind Mark Zuckerberg. And of course no one knows for sure in the future, Facebook will still escape the fate of dumbbells or continue to tread the previous car accident …

Here is the most panoramic view of Facebook in that dark period to date, closing the period of reputation decline ever in history.

March 17, 2018: Cambridge Analytica and the explosion make the world shocked

What happened on this day is no different from a massive explosion devastating Facebook reputation, causing them to fall into a period of crisis the most ever. Cambridge Analytica is a company in charge of the election campaign support for political candidates, allegedly illegally owning personal data on more than 50 million Facebook users without permission from surname. What is more important is that Facebook has been proven to know about this action two years ago, but neither publicly nor put this into transparency, regaining the rights of its users.

Nhìn lại cả chục phốt lớn của Facebook 2 năm qua: Thế này mà Mark Zuckerberg không điên đầu cũng lạ - Ảnh 1.

Facebook’s market value has dropped by $ 120 billion in just one day. The name Facebook also appears on nearly every front page and puts the top focus of the world, causing millions of users to lose faith in their services. It is the “development at all costs” perspective despite the fairness of the interests of customers has made Facebook pay the price in this. This is also the source of more and more public attention and scrutiny to Facebook in every move later.

March 21, 2018: WhatsApp founder responds to movement “delete Facebook”

Immediately after the incident broke out, a movement to boycott “delete Facebook” with hashtag #deleteFacebook was immediately shared by many people. One out of ten, ten out of a hundred, but most surprising is that Brian Acton – co-founder of the WhatsApp app – also publicly agreed to join this movement.

It is known that WhatsApp was acquired and completely owned by Facebook in 2014, when Acton continued to work and hold senior positions here. At the end of 2017, however, Acton left the company to leave its leadership position at WhatsApp because it disagreed with Facebook’s business requirements policy. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when he countered so strongly, joining the wave of #deleteFacebook created.

4/4/2018: The real number is revealed

The first moment it all broke, more than 50 million were the number of users believed to be victims of leaking personal information from Facebook to Cambridge Analytica. However, the investigation process concludes a much larger level: 87 million people. Well … it’s only about 40 million bigger than the old ones!

11/10/2018: Mark Zuckerberg goes to the hearing

These are probably the two most memorable days of Mark Zuckerberg’s life since the establishment and operation of Facebook until now. He had to go before the members of Congress and Congress to confront and answer the entire question openly and transparently following his historical scandal. The hearing was quite peaceful and good, most of the information was actually synthesized through the investigation of the authorities, and this is just an opportunity for MPs to talk more about Social network concept in life today.

Nhìn lại cả chục phốt lớn của Facebook 2 năm qua: Thế này mà Mark Zuckerberg không điên đầu cũng lạ - Ảnh 2.

June 3, 2018: Revealing evidence to dump user data for other brands

According to a Times investigation, Facebook continues to be accused of deliberately exchanging personal data of users for technology brands and mobile device manufacturing, serving ads and many other purposes. Many familiar names are on the list of Facebook partners, such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft …

July 11, 2018: The first Scandal was ransacked, adjudicating a crime commensurate

The UK has shown itself not to be an easy country to claim when Facebook blatantly violated its broadcast laws by tricking tens of millions of users. A £ 500,000 penalty has been announced for Facebook.

September 28, 2018: “View As” vulnerability helps hackers to freely access user data

Another bad reputation for Facebook continues to admit 30 million users were affected by the problem. The “View As” feature in the general settings – which allows you to review your own profile from another person’s perspective – is the source of a flaw for hackers to hack and steal. Related data. Although it quickly revised but that was not enough for Facebook to receive sympathy from the public.

March 14, 2019: 2 major leaders leave Facebook

Chris Daniel – leading Facebook’s WhatsApp app – with Chris Cox – managing News Feed and tightening security against fake news – decided to resign after major and minor scandals. Many have argued that they feel dissatisfied with the ways and business directions set by the top people.

Nhìn lại cả chục phốt lớn của Facebook 2 năm qua: Thế này mà Mark Zuckerberg không điên đầu cũng lạ - Ảnh 3.

Chris Cox.

March 21, 2019: Revealing Instagram password information

Tens of thousands of users have been the victim of an Instagram password leak. However, Facebook asserts that all information is only distributed within the Facebook intranet, ie no one outside Facebook can see these passwords. I wonder if this is good news or sad …

May 9, 2019: Facebook cofounder opposes leadership

Chris Hughes – one of the founders of Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg in the early days – has blatantly supported his view of deposing Mark Zuckerberg in the current leadership. He said Mark’s ambition to grow the company on profits has made things worse incessantly, despite user rights violations.

July 12, 2019: A $ 5 billion fine

This is the day to witness the highest unprecedented penalty from the US Federal Trade Commission for a business. And who knows there will be dumbbells ready to strike Facebook in the future?

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