Looking at the new version of the Galaxy S20 series, it is immediately known that the two colors will dominate this summer

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Idol style and love with Galaxy S20 + BTS

The special edition Galaxy S20 + BTS wears a stylish purple shirt inspired by the popular idol group’s “I purple you” to its fan community (ARMY). Beyond the beauty of a technological device, this high-end product contributes to spreading the inspiration of the love and passion of the leading Korean group to young people in Vietnam.

Not only does it match the meaning of the world’s leading group, purple on the Galaxy S20 + BTS is also associated with the love and cohesion of seven talented boys with fans. And the striking purple heart detail on the Galaxy S20 + rear camera cluster adds to the unlimited admiration that ARMYs have for their “idol”, like the “BORAHAE!” inspired by yourself. I love you, who always stand by me … “appeared in the song I Purple You, a song from the BTS fan community.

Nhìn phiên bản mới của Galaxy S20 series là biết ngay đâu sẽ là 2 sắc màu thống trị hè này - Ảnh 1.

The purple heart detail highlighted on the rear camera cluster of Galaxy S20 + further enhances the unlimited admiration that ARMYs have for their “idol”.

A desirable item for every ARMY, Galaxy S20 + BTS also comes with a decorative sticker and a set of seven handsome and talented members. Not only are they unique collectibles, they also open up a personalization, showing each person’s unique love for their idols.

Nhìn phiên bản mới của Galaxy S20 series là biết ngay đâu sẽ là 2 sắc màu thống trị hè này - Ảnh 2.

Full set of exclusive stickers and photos with Galaxy S20 + BTS

In addition, Samsung also brings true wireless headphones Galaxy Buds + BTS also dressed in purple ton-sur-ton coat with its high-end smartphone models. As a product refined thoroughly from famous AKG name, this headset also harmonizes “BTS” right in the music experience when enjoying the songs of the popular Korean group.

Galaxy S20 Ultra White Thien Van: the beauty of the perfect balance

Obviously, white and black tones are considered the two most basic nuances in all areas revolving around modern life today. Fashion legend Coco Chanel has an immortal saying about colors in fashion style: “Women think about all colors, but forget the colors that don’t. White and black meet all the beauty you need. yes, that is the perfect balance “.

Nhìn phiên bản mới của Galaxy S20 series là biết ngay đâu sẽ là 2 sắc màu thống trị hè này - Ảnh 3.

Together with black, white makes the perfect balance of beauty for fashionistas

Not only fashion, this “iconic” preference for colors is also evident in many other areas, such as automobiles and technology. The Axalta’s 67th report in 2019 says white continues to be the most popular car color for the eighth year in a row worldwide. Especially in Asia, the percentage of users who love this color scheme is up to 49%, showing the great significance of white for Asian culture and aesthetics.

Limited “limited”, Samsung is raising the position of white through its high-end smartphone line. As a product that owns a design that emphasizes minimalism, Thien Van White has more “ton-sur-ton” for that idea thanks to its characteristic neutral nuances, which makes it easy to coordinate with every outfit. , different dress styles. So whether it’s a fashionista or a user pursuing a minimalism lifestyle, the flagship from Samsung is a multi-talented accessory, suitable for the owner.

Nhìn phiên bản mới của Galaxy S20 series là biết ngay đâu sẽ là 2 sắc màu thống trị hè này - Ảnh 4.

Neutral and minimalistic, the white colors on Samsung’s flagship offer more quality options, which are easy to coordinate for fashion followers in the current minimalist trend.

Unique and impressive than other white smartphones, Galaxy S20 Ultra White Thien Van also reproduces various color streaks in many lighting conditions as well as different angles. Demonstrates the central role of white in light (which is the sum of all other monochromatic light and creates the scattering phenomenon that the rainbow is an example of), while inheriting the flexibility of Samsung has done with Aura Glow before, the limited edition Galaxy S20 Ultra brings the implicit affirmation of multi-dimensional aesthetic, separate for users among the crowd.

Galaxy S20 Ultra White Tinhvan and Galaxy S20 + BTS both bring color and express the different spirit that every fashion fan, a genuine ARMY craves to own. Besides colors, Galaxy S20 series also owns many advanced equipment, making the flagship smartphone line-up impressive. If the Galaxy S20 + is the most comprehensive product when it comes to versatile experiences from design, configuration, and camera, the Galaxy S20 Ultra shows its revolutionary ability in mobile photography with 108MP camera and zoom technology up to. 100X.

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