Listen to Note users evaluate Galaxy S23 Ultra: Only a single word “impressive”

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Nghe người dùng Note đánh giá Galaxy S23 Ultra: Chỉ một từ duy nhất ấn tượng - Ảnh 1.

Before the official launch, many skeptical opinions about the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be difficult to convince customers, especially longtime Note users when the design has not changed much compared to the previous generation. But the reality has proved the opposite when a series of impressive photos with the hashtag #S23Ultra are still being shared on social networks, showing the great appeal of this unique product.

As a longtime Notefan, Hoang Hai (26 years old) said he was really surprised from the first time he held the Galaxy S23 Ultra in his hand. Thought it would feel like the Note 20 Ultra he owned, but everything “became completely different, the machine is more sturdy and masculine, but still retains the youthful features that I used to have.” favorites on the Galaxy Note”.

Agreeing with the above point of view, Y Van (29 years old) also chooses Galaxy S23 Ultra as a “true love” when “the elegant and sophisticated beauty of the device helps me to be more confident every time I go out”. As someone who chose to use Galaxy S because of its luxurious design and classy camera, now Galaxy S23 Ultra owns an S Pen that gives her more creative power. “I can write and draw gently and comfortably anywhere, I can freely express ideas for communication work.”

Nghe người dùng Note đánh giá Galaxy S23 Ultra: Chỉ một từ duy nhất ấn tượng - Ảnh 2.

In particular, the S Pen also becomes her assistant in taking stylish selfies with the trendy touchless shooting ability. “Going to coffee or traveling alone is now not afraid of missing beautiful photos. Put the camera in one place, pose for a good photo to check-in, what could be more convenient” – Y Van excitedly shared. “Thanks to the pen, I use the device more every day, which is an experience that can’t be found on other phones.”

Sharing the same feelings about the S Pen, but what makes Minh Duc (23 years old) most impressive comes from the camera, which is considered the DNA of the Galaxy S Series product line and also a feature on the first Galaxy S23 Ultra. take care. “The image is very sharp, but the details are also fully shown. Even when shooting against the light, the model’s face still retains the natural skin color like this, not all cameras can do it” – the guy said.

Nghe người dùng Note đánh giá Galaxy S23 Ultra: Chỉ một từ duy nhất ấn tượng - Ảnh 3.

Not only that, the ability to shoot Nightography on the Galaxy S23 Ultra also takes Germany from one surprise to another. “Although my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is not bad at night, compared to the night shot above, it’s something completely different.” Just showing off a new camera taken last night, he just shared: “It’s not just bright, the details and colors are reproduced very softly, not overdoing it like some other models, making the photo not only beautiful but also has true depth”.

Nghe người dùng Note đánh giá Galaxy S23 Ultra: Chỉ một từ duy nhất ấn tượng - Ảnh 4.

Sharing the same comment with Minh Duc, Hoang (25 years old) commented that the first experience with the camera of the Galaxy S22 Ultra was “too impressive”. As a technology lover, and having used many generations and different smartphone brands, he said he was looking forward to the “Nightography” experience on this device.

“I couldn’t imagine that with such low-light conditions, the camera could still shoot quickly without seeing any blur. That’s what surprised me.” Hoang confessed: “Even when zoomed in, it is still difficult to see the blur, but the image is still amazingly sharp and detailed, much better than the smartphones I have used before.”

Nghe người dùng Note đánh giá Galaxy S23 Ultra: Chỉ một từ duy nhất ấn tượng - Ảnh 5.

On the other hand, Galaxy S23 Ultra also gives him an extra experience that Hoang considers “extremely interesting” – Astrography mode. “Watching the whole starry sky taken by myself, easily without having to be technical is really an experience like never before” – Hoang said excitedly. “Thanks to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, perhaps in the near future I will be more diligent in camping trips, to enjoy the more beautiful starry sky.”

Besides, he also appreciates Samsung’s sophistication, when it integrates the ability to shoot without touching the S Pen, which helps to limit the possibility of image shake to a minimum, providing an immersive experience.” really convenient, easy”. “I will use this method to record wonderful moments with my lover, you will surely be surprised when you see these photos” – Hoang excitedly shared.

Nghe người dùng Note đánh giá Galaxy S23 Ultra: Chỉ một từ duy nhất ấn tượng - Ảnh 6.

It can be seen that the Galaxy S23 Ultra has done what previous devices have not done, which is to make the low-light photography experience easier, turning the night into a new journey of discovery for young users. can freely fly and express unlimited creative spirit. Along with that, “The most important thing about this machine is that it gives me inspiration to take pictures almost anywhere” – Minh Duc.

Opportunity for Samfan to “upgrade” Note into Galaxy S23 Ultra

From March 1-31, Samsung launched the promotion program “Getting the whole night quality”, supporting 3 million VND, applying old collection to renew and pay 0% installments for customers to upgrade to Galaxy S23 series. Readers learn more here .

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