LG promises to still update Android 12 for some current smartphones

Tram Ho

Yesterday, LG officially confirmed it would shut down its smartphone business. However, LG said it will continue to update new versions of Android, including the Android 12 update, for some existing devices. However, LG’s history of software updates makes us doubt this promise.

In its US press release, LG said it would continue to provide a number of operating system and security updates. Also on LG’s Korean website it says: “The Android 12 update will be made available for select devices”. It is likely that the update schedule will depend on different markets.

LG hứa vẫn sẽ cập nhật Android 12 cho một số smartphone hiện tại - Ảnh 1.

It is worth mentioning that the Android 11 update schedule for LG smartphones in the US has not been confirmed. According to previously leaked information, LG’s latest smartphones will be updated with Android 11 in Q3 this year.

LG’s software update history is a disappointment, and even for LG’s flagship smartphones, it’s very slow to update to the latest Android version. LG had to set up a Software Upgrade division in 2018, but when it comes time to update Android 9 in early 2019, nothing is progressing.

If LG keeps up with its promise of updating Android 12, it will probably only be updated for the most high-end smartphones, like the Wing or V60. But even so, the Android 12 upgrade schedule is probably still a long way off.

Google is expected to officially launch Android version 12 sometime in the middle of this year.

Reference: theverge

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