LG may stop supporting software updates for all current smartphones, after giving up on this business

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LG is expected to make a final decision in April, and it is likely that the Korean giant will give up on the smartphone business. A new leak said that an announcement will be made as soon as next week.

By the end of 2020, LG’s smartphone business recorded 23 consecutive quarters of losses. After dismissing reports of quitting the business, LG admitted in January that the company was considering various options, including reselling or discontinuing the smartphone business.

LG có thể sẽ dừng hỗ trợ cập nhật phần mềm cho tất cả smartphone hiện tại, sau khi từ bỏ mảng kinh doanh này - Ảnh 1.

A recent report has revealed that negotiations between LG and potential buyers have failed, leading to the only option being to shut down the smartphone business. Although LG has promised to launch a smartphone with a unique scroll screen, it looks like this project will never come to fruition.

Sources leaked from tipster Tron added that LG has canceled plans to launch other new smartphones in the first half of 2021. Besides, a disappointing news for those who are using LG smartphones, That is they will not receive new software updates.

While LG will likely still release important security updates, there will be only a very small number of them. LG is the smartphone company with the slowest software update rate in the industry. And once LG has given up on this business, LG will no longer have the incentive to continue supporting existing users.

According to the roadmap revealed previously, LG plans to update the Android 11 operating system to the Velvet 5G, Wing, G8X smartphones in the second half of this year. But it is possible that existing users will not be able to receive these updates as promised.

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