LG launches the LG DUALCOOL 2021 premium air-purifier, which removes up to 99% of bacteria and fine dust

Tram Ho

Air quality has always been one of the top concerns for users’ health. That is the reason that on March 17, LG Electronics Vietnam introduced the LG DUALCOOL air-purifier line with the ability to remove fine dust as well as remove bacteria.

LG DUALCOOL integrates antibacterial technology with UV rays, which eliminates bacteria right at the fan with up to 99.99% efficiency, cleaning the air stream just before blowing it into the outside environment. Ultraviolet light of UV rays breaks down the DNA of microorganisms, helps prevent the ability to multiply, inhibits the ability to infect pathogens in space.

LG ra mắt điều hòa lọc khí cao cấp LG DUALCOOL 2021, loại bỏ đến 99% vi khuẩn và bụi mịn - Ảnh 1.

In addition to the standard version, the advanced version of LG DUALCOOL also optimizes air filtration efficiency with a 5-step filter, including a primary filter to help retain coarse dust particles, a fine dust filter to help remove removes up to 99.9% PM0.1 dust, the anti-allergic filter (minimizes the presence of allergens), UV Nano light eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria and finally the self membrane clean, self-dry parts inside.

Not only being able to disinfect and clean the air effectively, LG DUALCOOL has the ability to cool 40% faster, and save 70% more energy compared to conventional air conditioning solutions.

For added convenience, users can also control and monitor the operation of the air conditioner with just one touch through the ThinQ application on the smartphone.

Mr. Sung Woo Nam, General Director of LG Electronics Vietnam said: “ With multi-step filter and advanced UVnanoTM technology, we believe that the new comprehensive air purification system of air conditioning products LG DUALCOOL premium premium will help Vietnamese families feel secure to enjoy the living and working space around them LG will constantly create more breakthrough solutions to improve air quality and contribute to life. better for users “.

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Source : Genk