Let’s see the Samsung Galaxy Scroll concept scrolling screen, which may replace the Note series

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Smartphones have had a development process spanning over 10 years with a lot of changes. But to talk about breakthroughs in design and features, it is not until last year, with the launch of foldable smartphones, promising to usher in a whole new future of the smartphone industry.

Samsung can be said to be at the forefront of this breakthrough and has also had certain successes. The Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip have unique folding screen designs, breaking the previous limitations of a smartphone. However, it is not only that, Samsung is also said to be developing a breakthrough smartphone than that.

Cùng xem concept Samsung Galaxy Scroll màn hình cuộn, có thể sẽ thay thế cho dòng Note - Ảnh 1.

It was a scrollable smartphone called Galaxy Scroll. Recently, Vice President Lee Jae-yong was found holding a strange device, which is said to be the first prototype of the Galaxy Scroll smartphone.

Based on the leaked information, designer Jermaine Smit teamed up with LetsgoDigital to create a fairly complete concept of this scrollable smartphone, showing us how it works.

Concept smartphone Galaxy Scroll scroll screen of Samsung.

We can also see the idea of ​​integrating the S Pen into the Galaxy Scroll’s body. The new line of scrollable smartphones and Galaxy Z Fold foldable smartphones are also expected to replace the Galaxy Note line in the future, when Samsung’s Galaxy Note and Galaxy S are no longer too different.

OPPO and LG are also developing their own scrollable smartphones. OPPO was the first manufacturer to introduce to the public a scrollable smartphone, but it was only a prototype to see how the scroll screen mechanism works. Even OPPO admitted that there are no plans to commercialize the smartphone yet, as there are many barriers.

That is why Samsung is likely to be the first manufacturer to commercialize scrollable smartphones. Bringing us to new breakthroughs of smartphones, when existing devices are too boring and similar.

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