Learning ChatGPT, Chinese company Baidu will launch its own AI chatbot in March

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According to multiple sources from Bloomberg, Baidu is planning to launch an AI chatbot service similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a sign that China does not want to be a latecomer in this field in the technology race. .

It is expected that the Chinese search giant will launch a ChatGPT-style application in March. It will initially be embedded into the company’s main search services, allowing users to get search results in a conversational form similar to how ChatGPT is doing today.

Even so, the name of the service has yet to be decided by the company.

Học tập ChatGPT, hãng Baidu Trung Quốc sẽ ra mắt chatbot AI riêng vào tháng 3 tới đây - Ảnh 1.

For years now, Baidu has invested billions of dollars in AI research to transform its online marketing business into more high-tech areas. Baidu’s Ernie system – a large-scale machine learning model that has been trained for years using the company’s data – will be the foundation for an upcoming ChatGPT-like application.

Since its launch at the end of November until now, ChatGPT has brought a new fever to technology users globally, attracting 1 million users in just a few days and causing debates about the role of ChatGPT. AI role in schools, arts, offices and homes.

In particular, in the midst of a gloomy technology market due to fears of an economic recession and wave of layoffs, ChatGPT has helped OpenAI attract billions of dollars of investment from Microsoft and large funds in the technology industry. Shares of news site BuzzFeed doubled in just a few days after announcing plans to integrate ChatGPT into its content.

Currently, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and ByteDance are the big companies that control most of the internet services market share in China. But compared to other competitors, Baidu is being left behind in areas such as mobile advertising, video services and social networking. That’s why the search giant is trying to regain momentum from AI and self-driving car technology.

Last December, during an internal company conference, Baidu CEO Robin LI praised ChatGPT as an example of where the tech giant can lead: ” I’m glad that the technology we’re working on how every day can appeal to so many users. It’s not easy .” He also said that commercializing the AI ​​technology produced by turning it into “a product that everyone needs” will still have many obstacles ahead.

Not only in the world, ChatGPT is also attracting internet users in China, despite the country’s internet reputation, which often strictly censors access to foreign web services. This shows how great the attraction of this AI chatbot is. Currently, not only Baidu, many Chinese startups are also exploring artificial intelligence technology and attracting the attention of many large investment funds such as Sequoia and Sinovation Ventures.

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