Learning Apple, Google is also about to launch anti-tracking system for Android users

Tram Ho

Recently, many sources said that Google is currently developing a privacy security system similar to what Apple has implemented on devices running iOS 14.5. Although still in the early stages of development, as far as we know, Google’s privacy protection system is not said to be “as strong” as Apple, because Google is a The advertising agency and the main revenue that comes from advertising is based on the habits and behavior of the user that the company collects.

Facebook after Apple’s new moves to protect privacy also took strong stances against this Apple system, at the same time claiming that what Apple does threaten “freedom on the internet. “.

Học tập Apple, Google cũng sắp ra mắt hệ thống chống theo dõi cho người dùng Android - Ảnh 1.

iOS 14.5 brings privacy protection system (App Tracking Transparency) for iPhone users, making it difficult for Facebook

Today, users are gradually concerned with their own privacy on the internet. Apple’s actions may not be supported by many companies like Facebook, but for users, this is indeed a good thing because it shows that Apple is more interested in users.

Realizing this, Google is also gradually turning to developing tools that allow users to protect privacy, but at the same time must also balance the factors with each other to avoid affecting revenue. company. Therefore, if Google does what Apple does, it is clear that the company itself will be heavily influenced by Google living off advertising, whose effective advertising is advertising based on the habits and behavior of its usage. users on the internet.

Học tập Apple, Google cũng sắp ra mắt hệ thống chống theo dõi cho người dùng Android - Ảnh 2.

Google is essentially a company that is dependent on advertising

Google’s workaround to balance privacy and influence over the company is not currently disclosed, however, according to Bloomberg, another possible approach that Google could take is to use a “box” system. sand “(Sandbox System). This is a system that has been developed by Google for Chrome browser since 2019. With the name “Privacy Sandbox”, this system will redirect to browser monitoring and identity assurance. Individual users cannot be accessed by third parties.

Học tập Apple, Google cũng sắp ra mắt hệ thống chống theo dõi cho người dùng Android - Ảnh 3.

Now, the browser users use will be targeted by advertisers, not by users. This is said to be a solution that helps Google replace the era of tracking users with “cookies”, and according to Bloomberg, “Privacy Sandbox” is believed to be the original approach proposed by Google.

Obviously, in order not to scare developers and advertisers away, Google needs to come up with a mutually beneficial direction (including users). While Apple’s privacy protection system will soon be rolled out on the upcoming iOS 14.5 update, Google with a similar system will likely take a long time to develop.

If the reports are correct, then Google is in the early stages, it will be a long way for Android users to experience a transparent system of privacy similar to those on the iPhone.

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