Learn to code through the game

Tram Ho

As soon as I start writing articles, I really want to play the game, so we will go in quickly and explain briefly.

1. CodeMonkey

Aim for small children, but older children are fine to play. The game uses CoffeeScript to help you create a game in HTML5

2. Human Resource Machine

The picture looks like a horror game, but it has nothing to do with it, it also has that Education tag. Game helps you get acquainted with python, quite interesting.

3. Blocky

Developed by Google and MIT, teaches kids and newcomers about programming, simple, friendly, but the game page loads and lag. ?

You can learn more about the game at the develop page of google: https://developers.google.com/blockly

4. CodinGame

You can use different programming languages ​​to “fight” against monsters, or other players, very interactive, extremely attractive.

5. CodeCombat

Not as many languages ​​as CodinGame are, but not a big deal either. The main subjects are teachers and students, but everyone can play games, the game is divided into levels like gamers, and you control the character through the commands given in the picture. I think it is very good.

6. CSS Diner

Guide you to set up a beautiful table with CSS ? If you want to follow Frontend, try to “clear” all 32 Lv

7. Flexbox Froggy and Flexbox Defense

It’s also two games with CSS, but with a weak focus on the flex property, another versatile method used to align objects in the web.


Even though it’s introducing a game to help you learn to code, after all it’s just an aid, if you want to really improve your code, then the best advice would be to try a few small projects that would be better.

p / s: In the source of the article there is a introduction to some other games, but I have not tried it yet, and writing an introduction to a game I have never tried is not very good, if you like then you can find out.


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Source : Viblo