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Today I would like to introduce to you about the process, also known as the tasks that a QA needs to do when participating in a project, confessing that it took me several months of work to understand and understand. The basic workflow of a QA, all thanks to the guidance of the sister association, was really good and rewarding so I want to share it again with you.

How to do Quality Assurance: Complete Process

First of all, we need to identify the main goals of QA work. Can understand QA (Quality assurance) is the quality assurance in the software is a set of activities to ensure that processes, procedures as well as standards consistent with the project and done correctly. Software quality assurance is a process that works in parallel with software development. It focuses on improving the software development process so that problems can be prevented before they become a major problem. Software quality assurance is a type of activity that is applied throughout the software process. And QA is the person who must ensure the quality from the beginning to the end of the project including process and test execution.

Software quality assurance has a defined process called the PDCA process or the Deming process. The stages of this cycle are:

  • Plan
  • Due (Implementation)
  • Check (Conduct Test)
  • Act (Report)

We will analyze each step in this process offline!


In this phase, we will analyze the requirement from the Customer, set out the process to ensure quality, the process must be consistent with the development model applied to the project, from which to organize, plan and set up. process-related goals, identify the processes required to ensure a high quality output

Due (Implementation):

Next we plan the Test work, and proceed to write a test script (Test case), we will do in parallel with the process of Dev conduct to develop features and functions as required. At this stage, when writing test cases, we will continue to explore and confirm the unclear requirements from the customers, be it UI, UX, or functional flow, all the problems This subject QA needs to be confirmed exactly by Q&A with Brse to exchange and confirm with the Customer, ensuring no problems arise, or not fully understanding the customer’s requirements, thus ensuring QA does not miss case and test case cover maximum flow or function that QA will check.


This is the period where we conduct the test according to the plan and the test case prepared in the previous stage. QA needs to ensure the development process is on schedule. Make sure the project is on schedule and does not cause big problems, when questions or problems arise, it is necessary to quickly confirm with the team to prevent bigger problems and solve them promptly. This is also the period when checking under test cases will detect defect / bugs, QA’s task will log the tickets to notify the Dev so they can quickly fix and perfect the product.

Action (Report):

The main task at this stage is that QA will collect information about the check results and send the project quality result report to PM and customers, Before sending, QA needs to take necessary actions to achieve the improvement in the process if there is still a problem that has not been thoroughly resolved in order to deliver to the customer the best quality products the project team has tried and made.

Each project to ensure that the product is designed and implemented with the correct processes requires QA to understand and firmly understand the elements of the integrity process. This helps reduce problems and errors, ensuring the end product will be a quality product and more satisfactory than expected from customers.

I wish you will know a little about the process of the QA work in the project and perform the work with the achievement of more than expected offline!

Reference: https://www.guru99.com/all-about-quality-assurance.html

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