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Tram Ho


First I think we should understand CLI well and differentiate it from GUI, why not vue-gui

  • Angular has @angular/cli
  • React has create-react-app
  • And Vue is no exception @vue-cli

Vue CLI is a fairly powerful system for developing Vuejs applications, it provides:

  • Very fast and easy to use interaction via @vue-cli
  • Built on webpack
  • A rich set of plugins for development


Note: Vue CLI requires Nodejs version 8.9 or higher, installed via npm or yarn

To test the installation successfully, we will run vue –version

Create a new project

After running will suggest for us the preset, here I choose the default

After running, run the project (len), CLI say whatever you do  cd my-first-project/ ; npm run serve

And here is the result.

Especially, you can use vue-ui to create and manage vue projects, to use it running through the vue-ui command.

Results after running


Above is my basic overview of Vue CLI, if you want to learn more, you can see at this link ( https://cli.vuejs.org/ )

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