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Why do you need a standard web design?

In today’s life, there are many standards, especially for people working in the field of information technology. Therefore, the standard web design is a necessary requirement if we want our website to be accepted by browsers and other super websites. And that is the criteria when you want to SEO your website. So what is the standard web design W3C? Why comply with the W3C standard and what are the benefits of the W3C standard? In this tutorial, we will look at what the W3C standard is all about.

What is the W3C?

W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium, W3C is the standard used by website designers as a measure when designing websites, just like your salary is measured by the value you bring to the company.

Benefits of writing code according to W3C standards

  1. Your website will be more friendly to Search Engine especially google spider.
  2. Your website is well supported on many browsers, you do not spend much time editing and optimizing for each browser.
  3. Mobile website display devices such as IPad phones are based on W3C standard. Therefore, your Website will display better. To check if your website complies with W3C standards, you can go to https://validator.w3.org/ to check.

Some notes in HTML for web design according to W3C standards

1. Missing alt attribute on img tag

This alt attribute will help you create an alternative text for the image, when the browser does not display the image, the user can see the text recorded in the alt attribute, thereby helping people understand the title content of the image, and increase the semantics for web content. If the value of the alt attribute clearly shows the content of the image and is closely related to the content of the site, the search for your site on google will be very easy to understand and increase page rank. your web. It is thanks to the alt attribute that programmers easily do SEO for your website.

For example:

A real example from the Lynda.com website (one of the most famous online training sites in the world), is when the image can not be displayed to users, right at that location, the Lynda page give instructions in text format to help users view or retrieve images. Simply with the alt attribute that made users see the thoughtfulness and alignment from this Lynda website.

2. Set an ID value that overlaps

id and class have the same function, but the class can be used many times but id is only used once for an element.

3. Use special characters

In HTML some special characters such as: <> / & … are not allowed to write directly but must use alternative encoding characters. You can refer to alternative encoding characters at https://dev.w3.org/html5/html-author/charref

4. Misuse of href attribute on a tag

For example:

For example, when testing the W3C will get an error and to fix the error you just need to fix the following:

5. It is not possible to distinguish between inline and block elements

“Inline Element” are tags like: img, a, span , … And “Block Element” is tags like: div, p, br

If you are still unclear about the block element and inline element , you can refer to at w3schools

Of course the block element tag may contain an inline element . This makes it easier for programmers to customize the content and contribute to presenting the content more eye-catching.


The W3C standard web design brings many benefits to your website, does it not only help programmers write clear code, but also help your site to easily search on google, attract users … So why hesitate any longer without creating your own W3C-compliant website.

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