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1. What is Test Harness?

Test Harness is a preconfigured set of test data and software to test a program by running it under a variety of conditions, and we will track behavior and results. its output. Test exploitation has two main parts: the test execution engine and a repository of test scripts.

An alternative definition of test exploit is software that is built to facilitate integration testing. Where test exploits are usually components of the application under development and are replaced by the active component as the application is developed (top-down design), test exploits out of the application being tested, and emulate services or functions that are not available in the test environment.

For example, if you are building an application that needs to interface with the mainframe application but no applications are available during development, a test miner can be built for use instead. so. Test exploits can be part of product delivery. It is kept outside of the application source code and can be reused for many projects. Because the test miner simulates application functionality – it has no knowledge of test suite, test case or test report. Those are provided by a testing framework and automated testing tools.

2. Why use Test Harness

The typical goals of a test harness are:

  • Test automation process.
  • Implementation of test suites of test cases.
  • Generate related test reports.

Test harness can bring the following benefits:

  • Support debug
  • Help developers measure code coverage
  • Increase productivity by automating testing.
  • Increases the probability that a regression test will occur.
  • Increase the quality of software components and applications.
  • Make sure that the next test run is an exact copy of the previous ones.
  • The testing is executed even in the absence of staff in the office (i.e. at night).
  • To handle the complicated situation that testers are having difficulty in simulating

3. Test Harness use cases

Test automation: It contains test scripts, parameters necessary to run these scripts and collect the results to analyze it.

Integration testing: It is used to gather two code units or modules that interact with each other to check if the association behavior is as expected.

Compare Test Harness (Test Exploit) and Test Framework

Test HarnessTest Framework
A pre-configured set of test data and software for testing a programIt is a set of processes, procedures, abstractions and an environment in which automated tests are designed and executed.
Cannot script “Record and playback” in Test HarnessYou can manually script “Record and playback” in this framework
The test exploit contains all the information needed to compile and run the test like test case, target deployment port (TDP), source file under test, stub, etc.Test automation framework contains information such as test library, testing tools, automated test practice, test platform, etc.

Example of automation framework:

  • Check in data direction
  • Check out keyword direction
  • Test in modular direction
  • Combined testing
  • Model-based test
  • Test in code direction
  • Behavior-oriented test

Reference: https://www.guru99.com/what-is-test-harness-comparison.html

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