Leaked version of Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Beta

Tram Ho

It seems that Microsoft is preparing to release an official beta for its Chromium Edge browser.

Microsoft announced a new set of features for this Chromium Edge Edge browser this week at the Build conference. Not long after the leak, Microsoft also ran a new version of Edge version on the macOS platform. And now, a Beta build build continues to leak.

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Chromium Edge Browser

Previously, Edge was only available in Canary and Dev branches, with the upcoming Beta label. Canary is updated daily, Dev is updated weekly and Beta will be updated every six weeks (this is the most stable version).

The Edge browser beta has just been leaked

That explains why there is no reason for users to install this build. Although the download comes from Microsoft servers (via shared images) and seems legitimate, but those looking for the most stable version will probably not be able to access this leaked build. . There is no guarantee that this will actually be a public beta (maybe just an internal beta). The only sure thing here is that it has the “Beta” icon.

The leaked build includes both x86 and x64 variants, obviously there is no option for ARM64. This seems to be a strange point for a beta version as this is the last step to prepare the product release. According to initial information, the Chromium Edge Edge browser will also support Windows 7 and 8.1 but it is unclear whether this will appear in the beta.

Reference: Neowin

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