Leaked news: Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro can fully charge the battery in 35 minutes

Tram Ho

Xiaomi is expected to introduce at least two versions of its flagship Mi 10 series – Xiaomi Mi 10 and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. These devices are expected to feature Xiaomi's latest fast charging technology. According to a leaked source, this technology could help the Mi 10 Pro fully charge the battery in 35 minutes.

Tin rò rỉ: Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro có thể sạc đầy pin trong 35 phút - Ảnh 1.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro will feature 50W fast charging technology

The most advanced variant Xiaomi Mi 10 will support 50W charging as well as wireless charging (official speed has not been confirmed). Leaks indicate Xiaomi is developing a 50W wireless charging solution (likely to be launched in the second half of 2019).

Earlier this year, the 66W charger was certified by Chinese authorities but Xiaomi's technical department is not sure if it will be used for the Mi 10 series. Currently, Oppo Reno Ace supports the fastest charging speed in the smartphone world – 65W. This technology can fully charge a 4000 mAh battery in 28 minutes.

Reference: GSMArena

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