Laying off layoffs for revealing information to the media, Google was protested by thousands of employees

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Last week, Google announced the suspension of two employees because of a violation of company policy regarding internal document access and sharing. After nearly a week, Google employees went on strike and held a demonstration outside the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. Regarding the cause of the protest, an employee said:

The company announced the suspension of our two colleagues ‘ work because of the access and sharing of internal documents for communication. But in fact, they were purged for daring to stand up against evil. exists within the company today, we gather here to give them the right to publicly explain and justify themselves We are asking Google to bring these two colleagues back to work immediately news “.

Thẳng tay sa thải nhân sự vì làm lộ thông tin với giới truyền thông, Google bị hàng nghìn nhân viên biểu tình phản đối - Ảnh 1.

Googlers conduct large-scale protests again.

The suspended employees were Laurence Berland and Rebecca Rivers. Both of them appeared at the recent rally to present and send a questioning request to the Google leader. Earlier, a Google spokesman said the actions of Berland and Rivers had adversely affected the entire company. However, both colleagues have confirmed this statement is completely false.

Accordingly, Rebecca Rivers suspended after calling for signatures to submit petitions to terminate the procurement contract between Google and the Agency Enforcement US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Meanwhile, Laurence Berland was forced to resign with a lack of clear explanation from the company.

Demonstrations erupted amid a conflict between executives and employees who are escalating.

At the beginning of last year, a large march of Google employees around the world took place to protest sexual harassment in businesses. Specifically, Andy Rubin, the father of the Android operating system, became a target of attack and Google was influenced by a move that tolerated him.

Google executives then had to hire professional companies in the field of communication and human resource crisis to handle the case. But through the recent incident, problems of apparent discontent persist within Google.

Thẳng tay sa thải nhân sự vì làm lộ thông tin với giới truyền thông, Google bị hàng nghìn nhân viên biểu tình phản đối - Ảnh 2.

The large number of participants in the protest against Google in 2018.

Protesters emphasized their presence at the rally to ask Google to improve policies on sexual harassment, racial discrimination, discrimination against pregnant women and discretion. It is convenient for the company to enter into contracts with organizations that violate human rights.

In addition, many employees are skeptical about Google for installing secret systems to monitor the activities of employees in the company. That can lead to trouble related to privacy invasion.

Currently the case is receiving great attention of the community. All are waiting for the official response and resolution from Google. The media company has been trying to quell internal disagreements since the Andy Rubin incident. Ironically, some of their solutions have given rise to new internal problems.

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