Launched iPhone 7, see live where?

At its next event, Apple will launch the latest iPhone generation. As an iPhone devotee, he certainly expects an entirely new design, super high-end lenses, and, of course, iOS 10 from the apple maker.

The announcement is scheduled to take place at Bill Hraham, San Francisco's Civil Hall. If you do not have the opportunity to fly all the way to the US, you can still watch live at home.

The highlight of iPhone 7 at this event this time will start at 11pm tonight (Vietnam time). You can follow the event via streaming at address with:

  • Safari on iOS 7.0 and above
  • Safari 6.0.5 or higher, on OS X v10.8.5
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
  • Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation) with 6.2 and above software, or 4th generation Apple TV (you will see the event appear in the Apple Events app)

What is rumored about this event? Two models of iPhone 7 running iOS 10 with dual camera, 256GB of memory, Lightning port support instead of 3.5 mm port. The premium version can have an additional Smart Connector to connect accessories, and a two-layer water-proof speaker.

Apple will also announce Apple Watch 2; The rumored successor will integrate standalone GPS and a larger battery, but will not have its own Sim card support.

ITZone via Thenextweb

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