Latest web programming resources in 2016

Only a few months have passed, but the web programming environment has added a lot of interesting resources for you to be ready to apply to your website. This time we will have more tools for programmers, a book to maintain CSS for large-scale organizations, two different user interfaces – one graphic, several command lines – and more too.

Moreover, we also added an interesting tool to help you create animated avatar as well as font store for you to unleash the bar.


Zipplist is a website collection for all creative things. Whether images, videos, icons, mockups, or patterns, you need what you have. Especially, all are free, zipplist variable into a site not to be missed.


TypeNugget allows you to create calligraphy styles that are more intuitive. TypeNugget supports a variety of graphical interfaces to select the font family, set the font size, height of the line, etc., and you can instantly view your style directly in the preview box. You can also specify output as LESS, Sass, or plain CSS.

You Might Not Need That WP Plugin

With the plugin, we can easily expand WordPress. You want to add anything to the website, there may be a plugin to do it. But that doesn't mean you will really need it.

This website, as its name implies, supports a lot of snippets you have inserted into your functions.php theme, in addition to .htaccess which will bring similar functionality. is a web tool for converting any image format, including WEBP, SVG, and EPS to JPEG. Supported by, the popular JPEC compression service, the output is compressed and retains the quality of the image. Add images by drag-n-drop, and import via Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.


Milligram is the CSS framework with minimal footprint. However, it comes with all the components and styles needed for a website: buttons, forms, basic typeface styles, etc. If you only build a small and medium-sized website or are tired of Bootstrap and the Foundation's 'cornering', you should check out Milligram.

Git Stats

Git Stats is a utility that displays the activity statistics on your git similar to GitHub, only the thing displayed in the Terminal via the command line. The command line allows you to create metrics for a given month, day, author, and a series of months.


Cash is jQuerry's lightweight alternative to modern browsers. The library includes many commonly used jQuery APIs including DOM selector, utility functions like $ .isArray (), and AJAX functions. If your project is only aimed at modern browsers (like IE 10 and above), this is the library you are looking for.

Adorable Avatars

Just like the name, you can create cute cartoon avatars through this web application. To do so, register your username and email address, resize and add rounded corners. The application will create a URL for you to view your avatar image here. If you can't find a good image for your public profile, create a new one with this application.


Hotel is a convenient application that allows you to create a local domain for programming. Tools work multi-platform and multi-server, whether you are using PHP, Ruby, or Node. It also supports SSL.

Enduring CSS

CSS Enduring is an online book of many chapters, guiding you about CSS for many large or business websites. The book will teach readers about principles, tools, ideas, CSS building conventions, and these knowledge will not be outdated in the near future.

Ionic Lab

Ionic application allows you to build mobile applications with the Ionic framework. The application facilitates quick and easy application launch with a range of pre-defined Ionic templates, helps preview, build, and test applications on real devices. The tool is completely free and works in OS X, Linux, and Windows 10.

Open Foundry

Open Foundry is a free set of typefaces. You should pay attention to the license, because some fonts can be used on the web, and some fonts can only be used for personal projects. Anyway, this is a super nice font collection and an alternative if you don't want to use Google Font.


GitKraken is a git graphical interface . The tool allows you to perform intuitive git operations like merge and commit clock clicks and drag-and-drop . Because GitKraken is built with web technology, it allows a responsive interface at all viewport sizes, and can also work on multiple platforms. At the same time, this is also a free tool.


YouGet is a command line interface to easily download content such as images, videos, and audio from the webpage. Just run the you-get command and point to the page URL, the tool will download all files from that page. You can also use this command to search for related content on Google and download files from the most relevant results.

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